How To Make The Best Easter Basket Ever — With No Candy At All!

by Kyle Schurman
Candy Free Easter Baskets

Whether you appreciate the religious aspect of Easter, you’re all about the egg hunts, you love eating the ears off a chocolate bunny, or you’ve come to dread Easter with its sugar-fueled, egg-dyeing disasters — or if you relate a little bit to each — you still have to prepare for this holiday. The kids love to see what treats they will find inside plastic eggs, and the family loves the cute Easter mommy and me clothing and special meal. And all of it requires a ton of planning and preparation.

To make matters worse, some parents are guilty of overdoing Easter, especially as they try to one-up each other on the craziness of the best Easter baskets, looking to gobble up social media likes. (It’s similar to how the ravenous kids find a way to chomp down a month’s worth of f***ing candy during the terrifying free-for-all Easter egg hunt.)

We’re here to tell you that you can make Easter fun for the kids without overdoing the spending, the prep time required, or the candy intake. We’ve put together Easter basket ideas for toddlers, babies, and older kids, all sans candy. (You read that right.)

Don’t think it’s possible? Check out our best Easter basket ideas without using candy. (But if you want to purchase a chocolate bunny or two, we won’t judge. Just leave the ears intact before you give it to the kids, for the love of God.)

See? We told you we could come up with the best Easter basket ideas without having to include candy. So if you want some more ideas for gifts that don’t involve candy, check out our other toy recommendations.