FYI: Here Are The Best Non-Toxic And Organic Tampons On The Market

by Jenn Sinrich
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organic tampons

Organic tampons are getting more and more popular. Let us explain. By now you’ve probably heard about the laundry list of consumer products that can pose a surprisingly dangerous risk to our health. They’re found in everything from makeups and soaps to laundry detergents and even tampons. Yes, tampons—the thing we stick up our vaginas for hours on end each monthly visit from Aunt Flo (hence why we’re super into period underwear rn).

During the manufacturing process, some brands use a myriad of different chemicals, including bleach, and dioxins, that are—how do we put this—not supposed to be exposed to the inside of our vagina for starters. “Rayon, Dioxins, non-organic cotton, fragrances, chlorine, aluminum, viscose, glyphosates, BPA’s are found in some older tampons and the bleaching products of tampon leaves dioxins as a byproduct,” says Iris Orbuch, an OB-GYN based out of New York and Los Angeles. While the supposed levels of these concerning chemicals are low and have not shown to be a significant risk compared to all the other toxins we are exposed to daily, who wants this type of exposure in the first place?

Luckily, brands are catching onto the ludicrousy that is potentially harm-causing tampons and there are several new companies on the market offering natural and organic alternatives.

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