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Snail Mail Is Not Dead: 9 Best Personalized Stationery Sets For Busy Gals Who Appreciate The Written Word


As we all continue to adapt and adjust to a new normal (whatever that may mean for you), correspondence with your loved ones is NOT canceled. While you may not be able to meet up for coffee or gather with the fam for a backyard barbecue, you can still take the time to write. And we don’t just mean sending a short text filled with your favorite emojis and internet slang or hopping on for a quick Zoom call. If you’re not already equipped with cute stationery and fancy writing utensils, then now would be a good time to join the writer’s club.

There’s something super sacred and special about receiving a sweet note in your mailbox. For every handwritten note you send, imagine the recipient doing a little happy dance. Virtual smiles and sentiments are contagious! Whether it’s your long-distance bestie, your kiddo’s favorite teacher, or a relative that you wish you could squeeze extra tightly, taking the time to write can often mean the world to someone.

Don’t forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s! Check out the nine best personalized stationery sets and blank notecards for every occasion. From birthdays and well-wishes to messages of condolence, the style of your stationery should match the tone of your letter. We’ve even got you covered with custom stationery options that can double for your work and personal life, as well as a few kid-approved stationery sets that will encourage letter writing at an early age!

Papier Call Me Miffy Notecard Set

From the desk of Miffy, everyone’s favorite little bunny, that’s who. This panache-packed stationery from Papier is beyond adorable. We’re geeking out over Miffy’s cobalt blue sweater and orange telephone. This customizable notecard set is personable and fun for all ages, including you, mama! Printed on 7″ x 5″ Mohawk paper with a matte eggshell finish, the quality is superb. Each set comes with plain white envelopes (free of charge), but you can also upgrade to custom colored options for an additional cost. If you don’t want to share your digits, one idea is to provide your email address with a call to action like “drop me a line” or “get in touch.” Pro tip: The more you buy, the more you save. The minimum order is 10 for $28, but you can order up to 1,000 (justttt in case you want to have these for a lifetime).      


Sweetzer & Orange 48 Fruity Blank Note Cards with Envelopes

Go ahead and make a splash with the cheekiest stationery set you’ll find. A medley of all your favorite summertime fruits—watermelons, lemons, pineapples, and oranges, oh my!—will keep your recipients in good spirits 365 days a year. Now if only these bad boys were scratch ‘n’ sniff. 😉 Since they’re blank (measuring 4” x 5.5”), you’ll be able to use them for a variety of occasions and personal sentiments. Pssst: The colorful striped card is *perfect* for birthdays. 

Says one Amazon customer, “I bought these to have on hand for thank you notes. I usually buy Papyrus or other good quality cards, but I wanted a large box at a good price. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice feel of the cardboard and the fruit designs look cute in person.” Another customer echoes this sentiment, “The designs are so cute on these cards! The price is wonderful for the abundant amount of cards that you receive. Great purchase when you want a lot of cards for a perfect price!”

$14.95 AT AMAZON

Cheree Berry Paper Teacher Notes Stationery Set

No matter how the school year plays out, teachers still deserve to be recognized for all their hard work. Just think of all the $h*t your kids put them through. But in all seriousness, a handwritten note will serve as a small token of your appreciation. This thoughtfully designed stationery set from Cheree Berry Paper is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Are you getting back-to-school vibes yet?!? We sure are. Each set contains five illustrated notecards—a chalkboard with “thank you” written in cursive, sharpened pencils, a disposable coffee cup, a “grateful” eraser, and a grade school-themed to-do list. The coolest part is that all five cards come neatly packaged in a backpack holder (s’cute!!). Get the kids in on the fun by having them scribble some doodles for an A+ teacher. 


Minimalmart All Occasion Premium Greeting Cards Assortment

There is nothing worse than having to run out to Target on a Friday night (after preparing dinner and doing the dishes, naturally) to pick up a greeting card for your kiddo’s best friend’s big birthday bash. (Of course, your lovely son or daughter waited until the last minute to inform you that it’s their bday weekend. As it goes…) Do yourself a favor by investing in this tin of premium greeting cards from Minimalmart containing 32 hand-drawn designs for every occasion under the sun. Beyond birthdays, the assortment includes sympathy/get well cards, thank you cards, wedding/anniversary cards, congratulations/new baby cards, and even cards of encouragement (something we could all use right now, amirite?). 

One Amazon customer shares, “I love writing cards to people but it can get expensive pretty quickly. Even if you just use cheap (& not so pretty) ones from the dollar store. These cards are BEAUTIFUL! They are ALL so lovely and pretty looking. They don’t look or feel cheap at all. Thick paper, foil words, plenty of room to write, and simple sayings on inside that don’t make you cringe. I can’t explain how much I feel these are worth the money. I can’t wait to use them up and buy more!”

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Hallmark Pack of Coffee Cup Thank You Cards, Set of 15

Espresso just how much your loved ones mean to you with a pack of coffee-obsessed cards from Hallmark. If you’re a punny mom who relies on caffeine (sound familiar), then these will definitely hit the mark. Featuring “thank you” in script lettering and cutesy checkbox items that read “a latte,” “that was sweet,” and “warmest thanks,” no detail goes unnoticed. Be a daymaker by giving one of these to your favorite baristas or restaurant servers alongside a hefty tip. Otherwise, we recommend sending them to a neighbor for watching your dog at the last minute or as an act of everyday kindness. Bonus: They’re printed on high-quality paper stock, so it’s the same great Hallmark that you already know and love. Don’t fret if you don’t feel like writing a novel inside—the charming design will suffice.


Minted Hydrangea Love Personal Stationery Set

Write your heart out with a personalized stationery set from Minted, an online marketplace of independent artists and designers. Sift through eight pages of designs until you find something that fits your personality to a T. Summer lives on with watercolor hydrangeas that will have you dreaming up a Montauk weekend getaway. The simplicity of the design makes it practical for year-round use. Whether for personal or professional inquiries, you’ll find a million-and-one excuses to stay in touch with your great-grandmother, a former colleague, or a family friend that you lost contact with. Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can further customize the color palette, silhouette shape, and paper thickness. Make it official by adding your name to the header for serious HMIC (head mom in charge) vibes. While $50 gets you 25 personalized flat cards, you can order up to 85 for $129.


Kate Spade New York Greeting Card Set of 10

In a world filled with Zoom meetings, there’s something incredibly heartfelt about a handwritten note. As this witty set of Kate Spade New York greeting cards so eloquently states, “This is not a text.” Phew. With a blank interior, these can be used to celebrate a bevy of occasions… or, our personal favorite, just because. Whether you live 15 minutes away or 2,500 miles away, taking the time to write is a small act of kindness that could truly make someone’s day. One Spade babe shares, “I bought these because I love the clever saying on front cover “this is not a text” I use these note cards all the time!! Everyone comments that [they] love them. Couldn’t find in stores anymore and happy to have found them online! Keep making these.” Another customer adds, “Love the quirky and unique sayings on all of the Kate Spade paper products. People always appreciate my notes when written on these.” Final verdict: With gold foil accents, these cardstock cards are worth every penny.  

$19.95 AT AMAZON

Papyrus Blank Cards with Envelopes (20-Count)

Looking to brighten someone’s day? Papyrus’ Little Box of Happy sets out to do just that. We love the child-like aesthetic and colorful design featured on each of the blank cards. Cue the nostalgia with a happy rainbow, sunshine, colorful pinwheels, and balloons. The vivid yellow envelopes (peep the cloud interior) aren’t too shabby either.  

One mom weighs in, “I just love the simple and adorable, bright and colorful designs on the cards and packaging. Great little cards that are blank inside so you can write whatever you like. I uploaded a product unboxing video somewhere on here to show how sturdy the little box is. I’m not a packrat and usually discard things I do not need, but I can see myself holding on to this box for years and years; it’s just too cute! In my opinion, Papyrus always delivers on quality and design. I’ve never been disappointed with their products.” Another mom adds, “I got these for my kids to write birthday thank-you notes and I think I’m going to order more… The cards are small, just enough for a quick note, the paper is nice and thick and the envelopes are a bright and cheery yellow. The name is fitting, they really are a little box of happy!”

$13.71 AT AMAZON

Floral Pop-Up Greeting Cards, Set of 8

Bring forth the botanical vibes with this super pretty floral-printed set of pop-up cards from Anthropologie. Are they the bee’s knees or what?? While we know it’s the thought that counts, there’s something to be said about an impeccably executed design. Use them to send a chummy greeting to a longtime gal pal or birthday wishes to an aunt. The backside of the envelope is already printed with either “happy birthday” or “thank you” for an extra special touch. All that’s left to do is craft a message, add a fancy stamp, and decorate the envelope with your best calligraphy.   

One Anthro shopper gushes, “Love the design and concept of these! They’re well made and hope they’ll be a fun treat in friends’ mailboxes. Envelopes are dark green, so you’ll either have to find a white/gold pen to write with, or put a label down to write on.”


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