This Candle Will Make You Feel Seen On Days When Your Kids Come For You

by Valerie Williams
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You can now buy a candle to light up when you’re feeling “personally victimized” by your kids

Mom life is tough, right? You know what makes it tougher? Kids. LOL kidding. I mean, not really. How often do those little people who you work night and day to care for and love and nurture make you feel kind of crappy? Whether it’s being totally exhausted by their refusal to sleep through the night or feeling genuinely insulted by an innocent remark about your “stretchy elbow skin” (that one of my son’s greatest hits, thanks buddy) it’s hard not to feel personally victimized by your kids on the daily.

And now, there’s a candle that understands.

Like this. Only pretend it says “by your kids.”

The site’s description pretty much sums up my feelings. “The cutest damn candle. And it smells good, too. Mom Life Be Like: ‘I FEEL PERSONALLY VICTIMIZED BY MY OWN CHILD’. If ‘Zen’ were a fragrance, this would be it. Experience the earth, bark, and blossom of the Japanese Cherry Tree. Light this up and wind your ass down. This candle is 100% soy wax, fragranced with essential oils. It’s phthalate free.”

Ok, who needs a shot of Zen more than a mom? When you’re burping the baby and they projectile spit-up, getting barf all over your work shoes, light it up. When you’re trying to get your three grade school kids out the door to the bus stop on time and one comes downstairs wearing only his underwear and a sock on one hand? Light. It. Up. When you get a call from daycare that your youngest is “a little warm” and you’re going to have to call off from that huge meeting on your calendar today to pick him up? Set up a hot bath and get out the matches — it’s candle time.

Now we know kids don’t “victimize” us on purpose. They can’t help it and it’s our job to make them feel comfy, fed, clothed, and safe at all times. But damn if it’s not the hardest job in the entire world, and if a fun candle with a snarky label relieves a little of the pressure, we should probably start buying them in bulk to give as new baby gifts to every mom we know.

So the next time your child goes full Regina George on you, calmly put on your pink shirt (only if it’s Wednesday) and haul out this magical candle. We promise it will ease the sting, at least a little bit.

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