The Best Pet-Friendly Rugs To Withstand Shedding, Accidents -- And Toddlers

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Messy pets and rugs can be a tricky combo, but these pet-friendly rugs can guard against stains of all sorts — including kid-related messes! (Pets or no, kids’ rugs are a smart buy, too, considering the food constantly dropped from their high chairs and booster seats, for one…) This issue hits close to home for me, as we live with three cats who regularly cough up hairballs and occasionally lose their lunch in various places around our house. (Thanks, guys!) We have hardwoods and tile in every room of our house except one, and turns out, there are tons of pet-friendly rugs out there, if you know where to look. These rugs can definitely make your house cleaning a little easier while reducing your stress level when one of your pets has an accident (or was it an “accident”?) on the floor.

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While some pet-friendly rugs are stain-resistant and easy to spot clean, many are — wait for it — machine washable! Depending on the size of the rug (most of the rugs below have many options), you may need to bring yours to a dry cleaner or laundromat if your machine isn’t large enough, but that’s definitely a better option than having to toss a beautiful rug that your dog or cat has ruined. Or, you know, even a decent one.

Best Pet-Friendly Rugs

Best Washable Pet Rugs


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