The Most Popular Pistachio Pedestal On The Internet Is Selling Out Fast For Father's Day

by Dana Baardsen
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pistachio pedestal

Pistachio Pedestal

When you hear your favorite dad eloquently crunching from a mile away, you know there’s a trail of pistachio shells being left behind. And that typically means you’ll find them in the Bermuda Triangle that exists between the sofa cushions. (You know, the one that swallows up remotes, keys, and cheerios.)


This solid wood serving tray provides a charming solution to dad’s pistachio shell dilemma. The top tray, lined in an appropriate shade of green, is where he can keep his pistachio nuts. The tray underneath is the spot where the cracked-and-licked shells can go. Genius!

Made of sustainable North American maple in Dorset, Vermont, this unique invention is rubbed with teak oil for a food-safe, sleek finish. It’s the most popular pistachio pedestal on the internet, and they’ve been selling like hotcakes for Father’s Day. Remember: when everyone tells him how amazing it is, you’ll be the one getting credit for it.

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