These Play-Doh Sets Look A Lot Different From The Ones You Used To Play With

by Karen Tietjen
Play-Doh Sets

Looking for best Play-Doh sets to keep your kiddo entertained? Well, you’ve come to the right place. If it’s a been a minute since you last squashed and molded the stuff (like, since you were a kid), we’re happy to inform you that today’s Play-Doh kits and sets are really cool. Your kids can engage in imaginative play and even dabble in their dream careers, whatever they may be. Whether they’re whipping up delectable pretend treats with a Play-Doh oven cooking set — the perfect addition to their favorite play kitchen — “paving” properties with construction vehicles, or styling hair on Poppy from Trolls World Tour, these sets are so fun, you’ll want to play right alongside them. (But be warned: The fake food will have you craving the real thing, because these cool toys look Y-U-M-M-Y!)

With all this sensory play and creativity, your kiddos forgetting how much they love their screens (that is, until it’s time to share a snap of their masterpiece on Insta). So go ahead and grab a Play-Doh kitchen set or accessory kit next time you’re gift shopping for a kid’s birthday, because Play-Doh is timeless — and bonus, you can play too.

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