8 Best Pool Tables For Kids— Kid Sized Pool & Game Tables That Can Be Used Inside Or Outside

by Kyle Schurman
Originally Published: 
Kids Pool Tables

We sure love everything mini these days. It’s all the rage. (As long as no one tries to miniaturize the cup of coffee to start the day and the glass of wine to end the day, that is. Those need to be big for a good reason that starts with “K” and ends with “ids”.)

We love Mini Coopers, tiny houses, and tiny food, as well as the traditional tiny staples of puppies and kittens. Then there’s the adorable Baby Yoda. (Thanks a lot, Disney. Nothing can compare on the cute scale ever again.)

One fun — and adorable — kids toy is a mini pool table. These tiny pool tables for kids look like the real thing, and they’re actually playable. Their balls and rails don’t have the responsiveness of your favorite table at your favorite pub, but the tiny pool tables are plenty of fun. (Besides, your 5-year-old probably shouldn’t be hanging out in places like pubs.) These kid size pool tables are great if you don’t have the space for the real deal, but still want them to learn the game. Some of these are tabletop while some are stand alone. Either way, we love the idea of keeping these inside during winter and shifting them to the porch (or an all season porch) when the temps are warm. No reason we can’t give them something else to keep them OUT of the house, right?

Pool tables kids can use may not be the perfect toy for your household. Maybe teaching your kids the finer points of winning at 8-ball doesn’t seem like a wholesome way to spend their screen-free time. Understandable. For some other ideas, check out our toy guides and be ready for hands-on play time.


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