The Absolute Best Ride-On Toys & Electric Cars For Your Toddler in 2021

The 14 Best Ride-On Toys For Your Little Mover Who’s Ready To Pedal, Scoot Or Drive ‘Round The Block

February 22, 2020 Updated June 24, 2021

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So you’ve officially entered the ride-on toy phase of toddlerhood. Welcome. It’s a magical place where you can skip the stroller and casually watch (coffee in hand, ofc) as your little one drives themself in a circle around your cul-de-sac and count it as “outdoor time.” Here’s a question: Who *doesn’t* love tearing up the neighborhood in a tiny motorized car? TBH, we wish all vehicles were electric and had open tops and only went 2-5 mph. Wouldn’t the world be a better place? If your tiny person is ready for their license to solo-cruise down the block, look no further.

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From busy buggies for your 9-month-old to ride-ons that actually encourage walking (a two-for-one!) and classic Power Wheels Jeeps for your 3-year-old that’ll actually make you jealous (they’re pretty effing cool), we’ve got the best mom-approved toddler ride-on toys. Ready, set, roll!

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Best Ride-On Toys For Babies

Radio Flyer Busy Buggy

Got a busy babe who’s always on-the-go? Enter: Radio Flyer Busy Buggy, a super sensory center for your tiny tot to explore. From stashing toys in the under-seat compartment to pushing the buggy as a walker to riding on and steering, they’ll be captivated and engaged for hours (or at least it’ll feel that way—it might only be 20 minutes. But still!). With 17 different sensory activities, there’s no way any kid wouldn’t want to engage with all this cuteness—just ask any of the hundreds of enthusiastic parent and grandparent reviewers on Amazon. “If I could give this 6 stars, I would!” says Springtime10. “Great toy that grows with child,” says Brandon K. “Well made!” adds reviewer IsItFridayYet.


Asweets Alpaca Rocker

A cuddly alpaca rocker for your li’l dreamer—could it get any cuter (or cozier)? If your babe isn’t quite ride-on ready yet, get them gently moving with this soft-as-a-cloud rocker. The natural wooden handlebars and rocking feet will blend in with any modern nursery décor, and the fluffy texture will serve as a soft, plush place for your little one to play. Just maybe hold onto them while they take their first ride—next stop, Dreamland!

$107.69 AT WALMART

Pewi Walker and Ride-On

There aren’t many toys that your LO will use consistently from age 9 months to 3 years, but the Pewi Walker and Ride-On from Ybike is one of them. Babies can use the handlebars to walk and push the Pewi forward while relying on its wide legs for support, while toddlers can ride and scoot on the Pewi indoors or out. Either way, the Pewi helps with balance, large motor skills and spatial awareness, no matter how it’s used. The four 360º wheels are made of non-scratching rubber so they won’t mark floors, and reviewers say they work well on carpet or wood. It’s a top choice for your tot’s physical development.


Kidzone Electric Ride On Bumper Car

Bumper cars at home?? Yep — and it comes with a remote control that parents can control too! You kiddo will have an ultimate blast riding this one. And don’t worry, it’s safe too. It comes with an adjustable seatbelt and a power button that will turn it on and off for safe entry and exit. Of the nearly 10,000 reviews, one mama raves, “My 10 month old son LOVES this. He has figured out how to work it himself and will go around in circles for hours if I let him. I love the remote feature and driving him all around the house. It’s now officially an early birthday present and the best $150 I ever spent! The flashing lights are definitely like those in an arcade”

$209.96 AT AMAZON

Best Ride-On Toys For Toddlers

Peg Perego Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

Need a little help keeping the yard in order? Your little one will love rolling around on this awesome tracker that features FM radio,, a large trailer, adjustable seats, and high traction wheels that work great in grass, dirt, and gravel!

$278.99 AT AMAZON

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler - Red

Feeling nostalgic for the Power Wheels of your youth? Your kiddo can experience the joy that is rolling up and down your neighborhood streets with their own set of wheels…just like you once did. Ride down to the mailbox, to your neighbor’s house, to the bus stop. Daily errands around the ‘hood have never been more exciting! With room for two passengers and a mini trunk for all-important snacks, your tot will be ready to hit the road. The souped-up engine (kidding) goes two speeds: 2.5 and 5 mph, and we’re grateful for the high speed lock-out option and PowerLock brakes. Phew!

$293.55 AT AMAZON

Ambosstoys Primo Ride-on Toy

How sweet is this ride? You’re kiddo will be rolling around in style with this mint green scooter. It has three wheels, comfortable and grippable handles, and an chic design.


PonyCycle Official Ride-On Pink Unicorn

Short of getting your kid an actual pony, there’s always the option to, um, buy them a unicorn? Much to the chagrin of real-life pets everywhere, this plush pedal pony glides around your house with ease, transporting your preschooler on a magical horseback ride through the kitchen/dining/living rooms while you try to get dinner on the table. They’ll absolutely love the majestic feeling of bumping up and down on a horse’s saddle. Amazon reviewer BMW74 says “[the Ponycycle] is something that involves physical activity to ride instead of just pushing a button,” which we’re also here for—actual pedaling!


Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w/ Remote Control

With three speeds (topping off at 3.7 mph, thankyouverymuch) your tot will looove driving around in this very pink Jeep. You’ll have equal (if not more) fun while “driving” them around via the remote-control parental unit, though it works manually, too. Hey, it’s better than pushing, right? With real LED headlights and a built-in AUX outlet, your kid can bring the lights and the tunes to your next block party. (Another place for them to play the Moana soundtrack on repeat! Cruisin’ to “How Far I’ll Go,” anyone?) There’s also spring suspension and a seat belt but still be sure to stick to the sidewalks—no off-roading, ‘kay?


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Play22 Toy Tractors for Kids Ride On Excavator

If your little Bob the Builder is constantly digging up the mulch in your flowerbeds (grr), get them to a sandbox, stat…and plop them on this ride-on excavator so they can scoot around to their heart’s content. Don’t forget about the buttons: they’ll be able to serenade you (and the whole park) with construction, horn and engine sounds. With a working steering wheel and movable arm and bucket they’ll have endless fun scooping up dirt, sand and gravel. It comes with a cute hard hat, too. Safety first! (Hard hat, check!)


TOBBI 12V Airplane Style Electric Kids Ride on Car

This airplane ride-on car is a splurge, but all the perks are worth it! — Plus your kiddo (the future aviator) will love it. This ride-on car spin 360 degrees, plays FM radio, a light up dashboard, and working wind-driven propellers. There’s also a remote control that controls it all (just for you, mama). “The plane itself is awesome. Easy to build and place stickers. My son loves his birthday gift,” said one reviewer. “Best gift ever for my 1 yo grandson. The remote definitely makes it fun for him. Now we need an aviator outfit for him!!” said another.


Ride On Toys For 2-Year Olds

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster and Car Set

Since it looks like no one will be going to an amusement park anytime soon (thanks 2020), this cool Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster & Car set is a great alternative for your youngsters. This set up can be used indoors or out, and features a four-wheel coaster car that fits perfectly within the four roller coaster tracks. One mama said, “Well built, colorful, and small enough to fit in a short living room, it’s been a 100% hit!! At first our grandson was a little hesitant, but after a few times w/his dad’s help, he owned it like a boss!!”


Micro Kickboard Mini 3in1 Deluxe 3-Stage Ride-On Micro Scooter

We’re longtime fans of the Micro line of scooters for their durability. Seriously, one of these puppies will get you through at least two kids—all parts are replaceable if they wear out, which means less landfill fodder as you won’t have to buy an entirely new one as each sibling ages out. The 3-stage scooter is also super adaptable, transforming from a seated scooter to a standing scooter with an easy-grab handle and finally to a T-bar. Just add a helmet and get ready for your littlest to have a blast using it from age 1 all the way up to age 5.


Little Tikes Cozy Truck Ride-On with Removable Floorboard

We love this amped-up version of the classic Cozy Coupe (you know the one), which is great for smaller spaces/yards. For tiny tikes who aren’t quite ready to push pedals, this ride-on comes with a handle that can be attached to the front or the back of the vehicle so grown-ups can push or pull the car like a wagon. We love the sunshade, cupholder and back storage compartment, and littles love the friendly face, movable steering wheel and squeaky horn. Reviewers suggest this is best for kids under 4. “Your kid will probably enjoy this a lot more than a stroller,” says Rhaegar915 on Amazon. “I love this car because it fits in the trunk of my car and I can take it plenty of places. Parks, swap meets, events, the mall etc. Why pay $5 to rent a little car at the mall when you can take your own?”


We’ve got more toy gift ideas for your busy babes, too!

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