Yes, Portable Washing Machines Are A Thing, And They're Freaking Adorable

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Portable washing machines may just be what we all need this summer. After being cooped up inside, we’re ready to plan vacations, camping trips, and a little time away from the four walls we’re used to. But when you’re on vacation, how many times do you wish you had a washing machine on hand? Whew, the amount of clothes you could leave behind if you and your family had one would lighten your suitcase load significantly. Well surprise, Mama — it’s possible. Compact and mini washers are real and they’re going to make things a lot easier.

How do portable washing machines work?

The main component for portable washing machines is, of course, water. The great thing about portable washers is that you can simply hook the included water hose to your sink, bathtub, or showerhead to get water or put water in yourself if it’s a mini version without a hose feature. When the machine is filled with both water and laundry, you’re good to go! Depending on which kind of compact portable washing machine you have, you’ll either need to set a timer or get to cranking. (Yes, there are both electric and non-electric options!)

So whether you’re traveling, washing delicate baby clothes, or just need to save space in your home — there is a portable washer that’s perfect for you and your family. And they’re pretty cute too! Check out the best mini, compact, and portable washing machines below.

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