Funny And Sweet Pregnancy Announcement Shirts That Let People Know You've Got A Plus-One On The Way

by Tabitha Britt
Originally Published: 
pregnancy announcement shirts

Pregnancy announcement shirts give you and your partner the opportunity to be as cheesy, or as clever, as you want to be with your big reveal without spending an assload of cash on a party. (Bonus: It’ll give you the chance to have a silly photo op that’ll live on Instagram forever.) These shirts could be for your baby shower, a present for everyone for the holidays, or just because you’re having a baby and that’s exciting — so why not let everyone know by just spelling it out on your shirt? Especially these days, you most likely will opt not to have a baby shower, and to make up for that loss, send all your friends and family these pregnancy announcement shirts.

Whether you’re into puns or prefer the “classic” announcement, here are 17 pregnancy announcement shirts to let the world know that you’ve got a brand-new plus one on the way.


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