This Personalized Sleep Supplement Experience Finally Helped Me Get Some Rest

by Scary Mommy Team
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2020 may be over, but there are still plenty of problems that keep us up at night. Will sending my kid back to school be safe? Why are there so many bills? Will my husband ever stop leaving half empty mugs around the house? It’ll be 2 a.m. and I’ll be simultaneously worried about what we have in the fridge for dinner tomorrow and something stupid I said in 8th grade. Friends will say, “Try tea,” or “Have a bowl of cherries,” or “Hello, wine?” and I’ve done it all — nothing works. (Well, the wine, yes, but then I wake up with a killer headache the next morning.) Enter the supplement that saved my sanity with some quality sleep: Proper.

What I love about Proper is that they offer a totally personalized sleep supplement experience — because everyone is different. The supplements are PhD-formulated and backed by medical doctors in sleep science, nutritional biochemistry, and integrative medicine. They’re also made with 100% vegan, natural ingredients that are clinically proven to improve sleep without making you groggy. And I’ve actually learned more about my sleeping needs and habits by taking the Proper Discovery Pack, which includes five different formulations (Core Sleep, Sleep + Restore, Sleep + Calm, Sleep + Clarity, and Sleep + Immunity).

Here’s how it works: You try five different supplements — each for for five nights — so you can test and see which formula works best for you. If you subscribe, you can even work one-to-one with a board-certified coach on a personalized sleep action plan (this alone is worth $65!).My sleep coach identified the everyday habits and behaviors that contributed to my poor sleep (Spoiler – the wine right before bed is a no-no). Once you’ve figured out which supplement does the job, you can then order a full-sized bottle. So, no more guessing and wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work.


The Discovery experience is $35.99/month (the subscription price is 10% off the one-time purchase price of $39.99, *and* you get an extra 15% off through FamFare presented by Scary Mommy) and it’s worth every penny I’d otherwise be spending on a bunch of bottles with pills and gummies that never seem to work. Ah, actual restful sleep. How I love thee.

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