15 Best Retro Kitchen Items That Will Give Your Kitchen A Vintage Pop

These Retro Kitchen Items Will Give Your Home A Touch of Vintage Magic

October 31, 2018 Updated April 15, 2021

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Sometimes we have the urge to completely redo a room in the house. But honestly, when was the last time that room was the kitchen? If your kitchen is in need of a fun boost, then I think it’s time to throw it back. Way, way back. Like retro vintage style type of way back. Places like Amazon and Nordstrom are selling quite possibly the cutest retro appliances and household items that will make you want to pour a stiff drink, kick back, and live your very best Mad Men life.

And the great thing about living in today’s world? We can have that classic retro look (i.e. amazing pops of color) with much better quality and many more features. Things like vintage electric stoves are a thing (yay!), vintage style refrigerators with ice machines, and more appliances than you wouldn’t believe (I’m talking about retro juicers, people!). Bring your favorite style into 2021 with these amazing retro appliances! Time to blast that Elvis and get cookin‘, because your kitchen is about to be transformed into a complete retro dream.

Don’t worry, beehive hairstyles can be left firmly in the past.

Retro Kitchen Appliances

Nostalgia Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

Microwaving leftovers will be so much more enjoyable with this retro microwave. It’s super sleek, comes in pretty mint green AND will make you want to rewatch all of the Leave It To Beaver episodes. Win-win-win.

An Amazon customer just couldn’t resist this purchase and said, “We really like our new microwave. It’s the coolest thing in our kitchen. I enjoy the big buttons and spinning dial. This gives operation a much more tactile feel than using the flattened touch panels. This microwave gives you lots of options and ease of use.”

$121.48 AT AMAZON

Dash Everyday 3 qt. Stand Mixer

This Dash Stand Mixer is what we picture when we think “retro kitchen”.  It has 6 different speeds (from low to whip), and comes with 2 dough hooks, 2 mixer beaters, and a recipe guide. Its compact size doesn’t hurt either.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Nostalgia Retro 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Your morning crankiness will probably be cut in half by this extremely adorable vintage coffee maker. Caffeine + retro magic = a much better day.

One happy customer raved about it saying, “This coffee maker is so cute the color is perfect it’s kind of a light turquoise I love the fact that it’s got programmable timer on it so when I get up in the morning my coffee is already made and it just really does a good job.”


Haden DORSET 1.7 Litre Stainless Steel Retro Electric Kettle

If you’re looking for a retro electric tea kettle that’s a little (a lot) less pricey than the SMEG version, than this is Haden Kettle is a great option! Same retro look, same heat warming ability, zero guilt in paying for it.

$74.99 AT AMAZON

Keenstone 2-Slice Retro Stainless Steel Toaster

Will toasting bagels be a little bit more whimsical with this pastel green retro toaster? Yes. Should you be rewatching episodes of Bewitched while you use this toaster? YES.

One Amazon reviewer said, “This toaster looks terrific sitting on my countertop! I love that it comes with a chart that shows what the toast looks like at each dial setting, so there’s no guessing…and it’s actually accurate! If you’re looking for a stylish looking toaster that works well at a great price, this is the one!”

$40.99 AT AMAZON

Nostalgia Retro Snow Cone Maker

Let’s pretend this snow cone machine is for the kids, but this retro style version from Nostalgia will definitely be for us! Perfect for a family night (or a self-care night, lets be honest). It’s sure to be a hit for everyone at home.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

FRIGIDAIRE 300-Watt Retro Smoothie Maker

Okay, even if smoothie makers (aka mini blenders) weren’t a thing back then, no said we could have it in retro style now! This Frigidaire version also comes with a mason jar and two to-go lids for a quick blend and go mornings. It’s a must have!

$29.99 AT AMAZON

SMEG 50s Retro Style Citrus Juicer

Basically anything from SMEG is on our wishlist, but often time we can find other versions in other places. Something you can’t find from any other brand is an adorable juicer like this one! If pink isn’t your color, you have 5 others to choose from. And to be honest, they’re all pretty great.


Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Family Size Electric Breakfast Station

Alright, this breakfast station can literally do it all. It’ll brew your coffee, it’ll toast your toast, and it’ll cook your eggs. Mornings just got marginally more fun.

“I was so impressed! No need for coffee filters (wire mesh filter included), and came with a coffee scoop. My daughter’s and I made mini pizzas with biscuit dough, sauce, and cheese. They cooked perfectly!” said a fellow Mama, “This is one of my favorite purchases ever! This is great for a studio apartment, dorm room, or if you need to save on space. It doesn’t often happen that on-line items they are better than expected, but this little oven is a gem.”

$79.99 AT AMAZON

Kikkerland Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

We all need a timer when cooking in the kitchen, so why not make that apart of your retro kitchen flip too? This one from Kikkerland will fit right in with your vintage theme.

$25.00 AT AMAZON

Unique Retro Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This amazing fridge is a MUST in a retro kitchen! The marshmallow white color and chrome finish is a dream and there is tons of storage inside.


Retro Kitch Decor

Dosmix Wireless Retro Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

While you’re getting all glamorous with your leftovers, you should probably (definitely) be listening to a little Chuck Berry on this adorable stereo. And maybe get down with some bunny hopping while you’re at it.

$19.89 AT AMAZON

Kit Cat Klock Gentlemen The Original

Is there anything that screams vintage decor more than the quintessential cat clock on the wall? The tail wags, the eyes roll, and you will immediately be transported back to yesteryear. You even have the choice of 17 other colors too!

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Retro Side Chairs (Set of 2)

Scratch that. There is perhaps nothing more nostalgic then this classic kitchen table chair. What kitchen didn’t have this back in the day?

A retro-style fan raved, “I love my red chairs. No problem with assembly. They look great and are really comfortable and sturdy. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments. People love the retro style. Im very happy with these chairs.”

$131.85 AT AMAZON

Creative Co-op Eat Here Tin Retro Wall Decor

Transform your kitchen into a 1950’s diner with this distressed vintage sign. All that’s missing are the milkshakes (which you should probably consider making for yourself as well).


Welcome to your brand new, delightfully vintage kitchen. You might want to warn guests about the strong nostalgic side effects they’ll experience when dropping by.

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