Best Ring Bearer Gifts For The Little Guy With A Big Job

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Ring bearer gifts are kind of a big deal — after all, they are one of the cutest parts of your wedding ceremony. He’s been given a huge task, and there’s a lot at stake within the palms of his adorable little hands — whether he knows it or not. After they carry the wedding rings down the aisle and hand them to the right person, you and your partner can solidify your brand new marriage. That’s some national security-level shit. (Don’t send us hate mail, but his job might be even more important than the flower girl.)

So, when it comes to showing your gratitude in the form of a gift for his participation (even if he doesn’t make it all the way down the aisle… attention is hard), you’ll want to make sure you get him something he’ll actually love. Sure, he should be honored to be the ring bearer and show up out of the goodness of his heart (not just because his parents made him), but he’s a kid, and kids love rewards.

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Since you probably have millions of things to check off your wedding list, we did the legwork for you. We found some super awesome and unique gifts for your ring bearer, including personalized ring bearer memorabilia, cool toys, and fun science experiments. There are gifts for toddlers, preschoolers, bigger kids, and some that even grownups will love — because hey, ring bearers can be any age. It’s your wedding.

Check out the list below and good luck buying just one.

Best Ring Bearer Gifts


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