Customers Can't Stop Obsessing Over This $33 Shorts Set

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lounge shorts

Although we’re at the tail end of the pandemic, many of us aren’t ready to leave loungewear behind us. Rotating through our collections of sweatpants and sweatshirts has been one of the best new routines to come out of staying at home all day every day, and this matching shorts set from PRETTYGARDEN is going to keep that rotation going into the warmer months.

Though it’s marketed as a pajama set, this 4.3 star-rated set comes in a plethora of different tie-dye patterns and designs (as well as a few stripe and animal print motifs) and is offered in sizes small through XXL. Though the sets vary in price depending on size and print, you won’t need to fork over more than $35 for both the long sleeve shirt and a set of shorts.

“Definitely one of my favorite clothing purchases I’ve ordered off amazon,” one 5-star reviewer wrote. “I’ve been wanting a two piece tie dye outfit for awhile and couldn’t decide which one…It’s marked as pajamas but I’ve worn it out of the house twice already…I’d highly recommend.”

Another 5-star reviewer added, “It is GLORIOUS. Doesn’t fit so tight it gives you a muffin top. It just sits where it’s supposed to.” They added that the fabric is not see-through, “SO soft,” and is super breathable, which is perfect for warm summer days.

So, if you’re not ready to ditch your loungewear, you may want to buy these sets in bulk to prepare for the summer season. You’ll be comfy, stylish, and colorful—the holy trinity for summer in quarantine part two.

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