15 Best Slim Wallets For Women Who Keep It Simple 2021

The Slimmest Wallets For When You Only Need The Essentials

May 26, 2021 Updated September 14, 2021

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The phrase “small wallets for women” might sound, well, absurd. We have so much to carry all the time, that what good would a small wallet be? How can we possibly fit all of our cards and receipts and change into a small wallet? Well consider this: Small wallets can be so liberating! Why not consider switching over to a small wallet as a way to streamline your travel purse contents or better yet, go bag free. With one of these slim wallets, you can take just the essentials and slide your wallet right into your pocket. We love to rave about how our skirts or dresses have pockets, so let’s take advantage of them while we can, right? If you’re ready to take the plunge with a small wallet, check out a few of our faves.

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Best Slim Wallets for Women

Badiya RFID Card Holder Wallet

This Badiya RFID Card Holder Wallet is perfect for an indecisive person who wants 12 wallets in 12 colors. The incredibly affordable slim wallet comes in an absolute bevy of colors so you can match every single one of your outfits or bags. It has nine card slots, an ID holder, and a zipper pouch for some cash if you’re the type of person who has cash. Plus, it’s still ultra slim, so you can pop it in your pocket when you’re in a hurry.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Chloé Darryl Leather Coin Purse

For a fancy card wallet, this Chloé Darryl Leather Coin Purse is a sweet option. It comes in black, gray, or blue, and will only hold the true essentials. You can probably get your ID and debit card in here, and maybe two quarters, but hey, it’s cute! If the essentials are all you need and you want something understated but luxurious, we recommend this one.


Nautica Money Manager

The Nautica Money Manager is a little heftier but still keeps a slim silhouette. This is the wallet for folks who have a million things they have to carry around at all times. There’s a slot for your library card, your kids’ library cards, the loyalty cards for all the grocery stores in town, your debit card, a coffee shop punch card, and cash if you have any. This wallet can hold it all.

$19.95 AT AMAZON

Vera Bradley Women's Compact Wallet

We love the darling print on this Vera Bradley Women’s Wallet. Though it also comes solid colors too, the floral print will bring a little bit of life to your handbag. It has a few pockets to hold your essential cards and the same fun print fabric on the inside! This is definitely one of the most vibrant small wallets for women that you can pick up.

$62.90 AT AMAZON

Travelambo Women's Wallet

The bifold Travelambo Women’s Wallet holds so many cards in such a small space that we almost can’t even believe it. Yes, it also holds cash, but this is a *tiny* wallet that you can jam with cards. It’s available in 13 different colors and will seamlessly slide into your pockets…or into your bag because not enough women’s clothes have pockets!

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Best Women’s Card Holders

FurArt Slim Minimalist Wallet

If you’re in the market for a barely there wallet that just holds a few cards, try this FurArt Slim Minimalist Wallet. It’s got a few card slots to keep what you need, plus another spot for your cash. It also comes equipped with RFID blocking so someone can’t easily scan your card info through the wallet. Plus it comes in more than 30 colors.


Sapahn Emma Card Holder

Sapahn’s Emma Card Holder is the definition of slim, and yet it holds everything you need! At only 3”x4”, it features five card slots on the outside and a zipped pocket for cash and coins. The smooth premium leather material ensures it can handle all and last years. If this ”Whiskey Raw” color doesn’t suit your style, you’ve got nine other colors to choose from!


Balenciaga Cash Leather Card Case

For a pop of luxurious color, we love this Balenciaga Cash Leather Card Case. Available in blue and pink (plus black, if you like), this ultra slim and chic wallet comes embossed with the Balenciaga logo and can hold your most important cards. It’s great to tuck into your pocket with your ID, a credit card, your bus ticket, and nothing more.


Clifton Heritage Leather Wallet

The budget-friendly Clifton Heritage Leather Wallet is a cute little RFID-blocking wallet that can hold all your essentials. Made from real leather and available in 12 different colors, this wallet is perfect for you and all your favorite ladies — it makes a great gift!


Tory Burch Walker Leather Top Zip Card Case

We love the rich color and texture on this Tory Burch  Leather Card Case. It’s still small enough to fit into your smallest purses, but has both card slots and a zippered pouch. It’s great for grabbing on the go or for a night out with the girls.


Kate Spade New York Spencer Leather Card Case

This Kate Spade New York Spencer Leather Card Case is a good little staple wallet if you just want something simple to hold your cards and not be flashy. It’s a sweet neutral colorblock design made of Saffiano leather that’s classy (and gorgeous). It has only a few pockets, but holds the essentials.


Best Women’s Bifold Wallet

Coach Skinny Wallet

The Coach Skinny Wallet offers a little more room to store your cards, but still has a slim silhouette to easily stash away in your bag. The inside has multiple card pockets, as well as a zipper pouch for your coins, and the whole thing closes with just a simple snap. Our favorite part is truly the color, though.

$150.00 AT COACH

ROYCE New York Leather RFID-Blocking Travel Document Organizer

The ROYCE New York Leather RFID-Blocking Travel Document Organizer is an awesome option for traveling, but could also easily be used in your everyday life. It has labeled slots for your ID, baggage claim tickets, airline tickets, and more, but those slots could also hold your cash and credit cards. It has an RFID blocker, which is also a good idea while traveling.


HOYOFO Slim Card Holder Wallet

You know when a product has “slim” in the name that it’s going to be right on the money in this category. (All puns intended.) The HOYOFO Slim Card Holder Wallet has card slots, an ID holder, and a zipper pouch so it holds a little bit of everything. It folds open to reveal more card slots and has a snap enclosure. Plus it’s RFID protected. Pick from five different colors (that are all the same price!).

$12.99 AT AMAZON

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Continental Wallet

This bifold MICHAEL Michael Kors
Jet Set Travel Continental Wallet zippers closed and has a wrist strap as well. It’s great for traveling because it can hold all your cards and cash, plus an airplane boarding pass. You can also use this small wallet as a wristlet too, allowing for double duty!

$178.00 AT MACY'S

GOIACII Wallets for Women

The GOIACII Wallets for Women are paper thin yet still hold everything you need. There are multiple card slots, as well as a cash slot. There’s a change pouch in the back and RFID blocking around the whole thing. Choose from one of six colors … or just get multiple!

$16.99 AT AMAZON

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