The Best Toddler Snack Cups That Prevent Spills & Hangry Tantrums

by Jessica Booth
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best toddler cups

Toddler snack cups: The underrated baby gear essential that might hold the key to a busy mama’s sanity. After all, does anyone enjoy snacks as much as a toddler does? (*Slowly starts to raise hand*…) Probably not. Growing tots may push their veggies off their silicone plates, but they’re always down for a treat. That’s exactly why it’s important to have a stash of healthy snacks and accompanying containers on hand–and, trust us, more than one or two is kind of a necessity. Whether you’re working from home headed out the door, you’ll need to keep portable toddler snack cups in your diaper bag, your car, and your house at all times. That way, when your tot starts to get hangry and you can sense a tantrum starting to brew, you can whip out their trusty snack cup and fix it all, just like the super mommy you are.

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The ideal toddler snack cup is special: It’s made for their little hands and fingers so that they can hold onto it without your help. A great lid is a necessity, as you want it to snap on tight (the last thing you want is for them to pry it open so their precious munchies go flying). Claw tops are a mom favorite since they allow tiny fingers to reach in and grab only a few pieces of food, which prevents them from shoving a huge portion into their mouth. Further, these clever lids keep food from spilling out.

So if you’re looking for just the best toddler snack cup for your little one, we’ve got you covered. Check out some highly-rated picks below!

Best Toddler Snack Cups


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