Spell Candles Might Just Be The Only Solution To This Heinous Year

by Emily Popp
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spell candles

If you’ve never dabbled in spell candles, now may be the perfect time. These days we’re all searching for some kind of comfort or anything that could bring good vibrations into our lives. Candles, magical or not, are a source of self-care and relaxation.

So what makes a candle a “spell candle”? Candle magic is an ancient practice with a very long history. It’s not quite as simple as lighting a candle and making a wish, birthday cake style. The idea of a spell candle is that different colored candles have different meanings, and when you “dress” the candle (etch in a symbol or douse it in oil) and then visualize your intention or goal, the candle takes on new potential power.

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And while candle magic has its own storied history, don’t be intimidated if it’s not a subject you know much about. You can still buy a pre-made spell candle without going through the whole rigmarole of making and “dressing” a candle yourself. And whether these candles bring instant love, good fortune, abundance and luck or not is sort of beside the point; lighting a candle and visualizing your goal can be a meditative experience, and at the very least the warm glow and scent of a candle is always comforting. They also make great gifts for someone going through a difficult time or transitional period and may need a little extra candle magic.

Pro tip: For maximum “magical results,” do not blow the candle out like you typically would. Instead snuff it out. This apparently heightens its natural powers.

Below, we pulled together our top picks for the best spell candles for beginners.

Love Spell Candles

Money Candle

Spell Candle Color Meanings

RED: Love, lust, passion

ORANGE: Creativity, confidence YELLOW: Career, networking, focus GREEN: Money, prosperity, luck BLUE: Emotional healing, peace of mind PURPLE: Wisdom, spiritual awareness PINK: Friendship, joy, self-love WHITE: Truth, purity BLACK: Protection, safety


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