Starbucks Is Finally Selling A Tumbler As Dark As Your Soul

by Madison Vanderberg
Originally Published: 
Scary Mommy and Liza Garcia/Instagram

Starbucks just unveiled their new “goth tumbler” in time for Halloween

Starbucks just launched their new matte black reusable drink tumbler and it’s covered in spikes, in case you want a drink carrier that lets the world know that you are dead inside, but also excited for Halloween. You need this tumbler in your life if you care about the environment (no more single-use plastic!), but also like a drink cup that’s a little bit witchy. These giant matte tumblers are also just chic AF, so you can appear decidedly less basic when you stroll into work sipping on an iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte this fall.

The cups have been popping up on social media, and according to the Starbucks Reddit thread, actual baristas confirm that they are in stores now and Starbucks will continue to roll out more until the end of August. Sidenote: I also called my local store and they have plenty of the 32 ounce spiky cups in stock for $18.99 plus tax.

PopSugar pointed out that the cups pair nicely with the coffee retailer’s other spiked drinks, like the iridescent cup that hit shelves last September and the rose gold version that debuted in May.

Interestingly, there’s a sizable resale market for Starbucks tumblers. The spiky rose gold tumbler is selling for upwards of $47 on resale sites like Poshmark and Ebay. Since this matte black tumbler is so unique, it might go the way of the “iridescent rainbow tumbler” which is selling for $100 on Poshmark! We’re not encouraging you to stock up on Starbucks tumblers and then sell them on the internet, but like — that’s a thing that’s happening.

This isn’t the first time that Starbucks made a matte black tumbler, but it’s the first one with spikes, which is why this reusable cup is the environmentally friendly, gothic chic drink caddy you need in your life.

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