31 Best 'Stranger Things' Gift Ideas For True Fans 2020

31 Bitchin’ Gifts True ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Will Appreciate

November 20, 2020 Updated November 23, 2020

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The Netflix Original series Stranger Things has a pretty huge and intense fanbase, so they also have some really great Stranger Things gifts and merch available. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for a friend or family member who loves the show, there are some amazing show-themed ideas out there. Actually, there are so many that it can be a bit overwhelming: so we looked through everything and narrowed it down for you!

Whether you’re looking for Stranger Things room decor, accessories, clothing, collectible figurines, games, or books, there’s definitely something for everyone. The show is set in the ’80s, so all of the merchandise has a pretty nostalgic vibe to it, which is cool. Some of the items are a subtle nod to the show, like a Stranger Things T-shirt that just says “Hawkins” for Hawkins, Indiana (where the show is set). Some of the other items are much more obviously for a big fan, like the collectible Funko Pop figures or the book filled with behind-the-scenes info.

There’s also something for every price range: think a BMX bike inspired by the bikes in the show for a few hundred dollars, or a pair of adorable socks for under $10. Basically, we’ve thought of everything, and any Stranger Things fan would appreciate any of these gifts.

Best Stranger Things Merch

Stranger Things Hawkins Phys. Ed Tee

This tee is perfect for the super-fans who know exactly what Hawkins is. It’s super soft and comfy, so it makes the best lounge tee or even pajama tee. It’s a nice, subtle shoutout to the show that makes a cute gift.


Stranger Things Classic Logo Hoodie

Not into the idea of something subtle? This Stranger Things hoodie is an obvious nod to the show. It’s also super comfortable and is a great basic.


Monopoly Stranger Things Collector’s Edition Board Game

The Stranger Things Monopoly game is beyond adorable, from the box it’s contained in that looks like a retro television with attached VCR (remember those?) to the entire board setup with the little pieces and photos from the show. It’s also very fun to play and will come in handy during long winter days.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

This Eggo card game is all about the Stranger Things world. Cards can get players sent to the Upside Down, and each player gets to play as one of the main characters of the show.

$20.75 AT AMAZON

Stranger Things Hawkins High Tervis Tumbler

This Hawkins High School tumbler makes for a fun and practical gift. It has a subtle nod to Stranger Things, and the thermos itself features double-wall insulation with a leak-resistant, easy-to-close lid.

$29.99 AT TARGET

Trivial Pursuit Stranger Things Back To The ‘80s Edition

The most serious of Stranger Things fans will love this version of Trivial Pursuit, which features tons of questions about the show. But it’s not just for those who know everything about Hawkins, Indiana: it also features lots of questions about the ’80s, the decade the show takes place.

$14.11 AT AMAZON

Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down The Official Behind-The-Scenes Companion

This New York Times bestseller is an interesting read full of facts and behind-the-scenes info. It focuses on the first two seasons of the show (arguably the best!) and features some gorgeous artwork as well.

$20.58 AT AMAZON

Stranger Things Characters 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This small jigsaw puzzle is a perfect stocking stuffer—it’s under $10 and is a fun little item. Featuring 500 pieces that form a classic image from the show, it’s just intricate enough without being super complicated.


Stranger Things Max BMX-style Bike

This yellow BMX style Mongoose bike is modeled after the bike that Max rides in the show. It has all the features of a regular bike, plus some fun details fans will love, like a headlamp for exploring the Upside Down and two rear axle pegs (for someone like Eleven to stand on).

$268.99 AT WALMART

Ouija: Stranger Things Edition

Ouija boards and Stranger Things are basically a perfect match: both are kind of creepy and about the supernatural. This board features the alphabet Christmas lights that the show made so famous.


Best Stranger Things Room Decor

Stranger Things 3 One Sheet Poster

Another great stocking stuffer option is this Stranger Things 3 poster, with images from the third season of the show. It’s large and features all of the main characters, and there are lots of little show details in there that are fun to check out.


Funko Action Figure: Stranger Things 3PK

They look like toys, but Funko Pop figures are really incredibly detailed collectibles that any fan would want to own. This set includes a figure of Eleven, Mike, and Lucas.


Jada Toys 1:24 Stranger Things ‘80s Blazer W/Badge

Another collectible that would look great sitting on someone’s shelf in the box or out is this toy version of Hopper’s police car. It’s super detailed (the trunk and hood open up, as well as the doors) and it comes with a little police badge, too.


Stranger Things Hawkins 85 Throw Blanket

Keep them cozy with this super soft throw blanket. It’s really cute and is not only great for snuggling under during chilly days, but it would also look nice folded on someone’s bed or couch.


Silly Goose Gifts Stranger Kids Wall Art Decor

This collection of prints is a really awesome way to show off your love of Stranger Things. Some feature quotes from the show, while others just feature relevant quotes. Plus, there are cute images of the main characters and everything is bright and colorful.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

MagicLux 3D Illusion Eleven Figurine Night Light

This nightlight shaped like Eleven doing her mind tricks may be marketed toward kids, but really, anyone can enjoy it. It comes with a handy remote control to control it in bed, and it can light up in different colors.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Stranger Things Enter The Upside Down Doormat

Any fan of the show needs to have this doormat, which invites guests into the Upside Down. This is great outside a front door on a porch, but it’s just as good going into someone’s bedroom.

$16.80 AT AMAZON

Best Stranger Things Accessories

50Pc Stranger Things Movie Stickers

Looking for a small gift option? This set of Stranger Things stickers is definitely one to consider. This pack includes 50 different designs (no repeats!) and they’re made of a high-quality, colorful PVC vinyl. They can be stuck on anything to personalize the object immediately.


Women’s Stranger Things 6 Pack Low-Cut Socks

Forget the stereotype that socks are a boring gift. This set is so adorable and fun, and includes themed designs, like Eggo waffles and the alphabet Christmas lights. The Scoops Ahoy option is great as well!


Loungefly Stranger Things Baby Characters Chibi Backpack

This adorable backpack takes every Stranger Things character and turns them into the cutest cartoon character ever. Look closely and you’ll notice basically everyone from the show. With lots of space and comfortable straps, this will get tons of use.

$69.95 AT AMAZON

Stranger Things Themed Bracelet

This Stranger Things- themed bracelet makes for a perfect stocking stuffer or add-on. It’s full of charms of things from the show. Some personal favorites include the tiny Christmas tree and bicycle.


Stranger Things Logo Hat

This classic red and black hat features the Stranger Things logo and is a an easy way for one to show off their love for the show. It even matches the Stranger Things hoodie above if you wanted to get both!


Taste Beauty Stranger Things Lip Gloss Set

Yes, even Stranger Things-themed makeup exists. This set of lip gloss is fun and functional. Each gloss features a different character, and the set comes in a range of delicious flavors, like vanilla and cherry.

$10.99 AT AMAZON

Stranger Things Earrings

These small earrings feature one of the most famous quotes from the show: “Friends don’t lie.” They’re also decorated with tiny Christmas lights that pay even more homage to the show.

$7.00 AT ETSY

Best Stranger Things Christmas

Hallmark Stranger Things Hopper Christmas Ornament

It’s possible that this is the cutest Stranger Things ornament in existence. It’s a tiny Hopper, and every detail is perfect, from his uniform to his mustache to the frown on his face.


Stranger Things The Upside Down Sweatshirt

Great for an ugly sweater event or just lounging around the house, this sweatshirt is soft and comfy. It’s a delightful little tribute to Stranger Things, with 11s on it, the Christmas lights, and an upside down “Merry Christmas” phrase.

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Yisumei Soft Plush Throw

Give them something that they can use as a decoration every single year. This Stranger Things doormat is perfect: it’s a subtle nod to the show that you’ll only get if you’re also a fan.

$32.99 AT AMAZON

Ooohyeah Women’s Novelty Socks

These socks are an excellent stocking stuffer option. They feature the Christmas lights from the show and they’re just a subtle way to show off your fandom.


Alphabet Christmas Lights T-Shirt

This tee, featuring the famous alphabet Christmas lights, can really be worn any time of year, but is especially great around the holidays. It would make a cute pajama shirt or piece of loungewear.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Sursubun Christmas Tree Skirt

What better way to decorate a Christmas tree than with a Stranger Things themed tree skirt? While they may not be able to use this one this year, they can definitely use it next Christmas.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Stranger Things Ugly Christmas Sweater

This festive sweatshirt is perfectly spooky, in line with the Stranger Things theme. “Merry Stranger Christmas” is going to be your new favorite way to wish everyone happy holidays!

$21.05 AT ETSY

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