Target Has A $15 Advent Calendar Of Disney Princess Socks

by Julie Scagell
Originally Published: 

The Disney Princess socks are a cotton/poly blend so they’re as comfy as they are stylish

Sure, Halloween isn’t here yet and sure, it’s only mid-September but that’s no reason not to get excited about Advent calendars, especially if you’re a Disney fan. Target just introduced a Disney Princess-themed 15-day calendar full of adorable socks, so it’s obviously time to start decorating for the holidays.

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Fine, it’s probably not quite time (although people who decorate early for the holidays are happier), but at least we can look forward to these crazy-cute socks warming our tootsies up during the winter months while we wait for jolly old St. Nick to squeeze down our chimneys.


The “15 Days of Socks Advent Calendar” comes with a mix of five pairs of crew-cut socks and ten pairs of low-cut socks, all to bring some “fun and flair” to the holidays, the Target website explains. Have a favorite color? No problem. The calendar comes with purple, blue, gray, green, pink, and more while featuring a variety of Disney Princess-themed prints and patterns — including Mulan, Pocahontas, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, and other favorites.


The Advent calendar also comes with a keepsake box with a printed “Royal To-Do List,” which we will immediately bequeath to our kids because parents have enough on our To-Do lists before the holidays to deal with it, even if it is royalty related. The calendar sells for just $15 for adults which is not only fair for 15 pairs of socks, but we have the added fun of opening the doors every day for the 15 days before Christmas. Or now. There are no rules when it comes to adulthood and socks.

Advent calendars have been all the rage in recent years and are a far cry from the standard chocolate-filled ones from our childhoods (not that there’s anything wrong with those). People who want to up their Advent game can now get everything from gin, coffee, skincare, tea, and even wine. All of these are for adults only but we deserve it, especially if we’re hosting. Kids don’t deserve all the fun.


Target really goes all out for the holidays. If you aren’t ready to commit to holiday-related items just yet, they’ve got adorable Halloween-inspired succulents and punk rock pumpkins sure to add to any Halloween decor you’ve got kicking around your place.

Of course, the 15 Days of Socks Advent Calendar could really go either way. I know many adults more obsessed with Disney than their kids and would proudly rock these socks at home, in a business meeting, or on a Starbucks run. It’s hard not to see ourselves in one or all of the Disney Princesses — they’re strong, confident, independent, and can rock a crown to boot — something every mom should feel and do 100 percent of the time because we rule the land.

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