10 Advent Calendars For Adults, Because Why Should Kids Get All The Fun?


10 Advent Calendars For Adults, Because Why Should Kids Get All The Fun?

Ciate / VineBox

When I was a kid, I used to love getting an advent calendar — mainly because I’m a chocolate addict and nothing made waiting for Christmas better than chocolate. That is still true today, of course, but my tastes have also grown as I’ve grown. I still like the idea of counting down to Christmas, even if it’s only to know how many days I have left to shop. (Yes, I wait until the last minute. Don’t judge.)

A few treats never hurts, but nowadays I want something more than just your basic, grocery-store chocolate. And the internet doesn’t disappoint. Did you know that there are actually advent calendars specifically made for adults — that have grown-up stuff like booze, candles, skin care, and of course, chocolate. What a time to be alive!

Here are 10 of my favorites:

DAVIDsTEA — 24 Days of Tea ($45)


Now that it’s getting cold outside, there’s nothing I love more than to curl up with a nice cup of tea. And since most tea lovers are always on a hunt for new teas, 24 of them is like Christmas all month long.

Holiday Chocolate Advent Calendar ($25.00)


You have to have one regular chocolate advent calendar. And by “regular,” I mean, tastier than off-brand imitation chocolate. This is grown-up chocolate.

12 Days of OLE Glow Skincare ($69)


Skin care line OLEHENRIKSEN has come out with an awesome skin care advent calendar, perfect for the skin care lovers out there! You get 12 skin care essentials (including moisturizer, cleanser, and hand cream) good for normal, oily, combination, dry, and sensitive skin types.

Lush 12 Days of Christmas ($115)


For the bath and shower lover, the Lush advent calendar is perfect. You get four bath bombs, two shower gels, lotions, bath oil, and a few other goodies. Best of all? They come in a reusable hat box!

VineBox Twelve Nights of Wine ($129)


Wine is a great way to unwind after a long day of dealing with the demands of tiny humans. Each wine is from one of the best wine regions in the world, but it’s only equal to one glass, so if you want the whole bottle, take notes!

The Grooming Advent Calendar ($87)


British company ASOS has created an advent calendar specifically for dudes. It’s chock full of hair and skin products. The company is based in England, but there’s free shipping worldwide!

Ciate Mini Mani Month ($59)


If you love manicures, this is the calendar for you — 19 mini nail polishes (many new and exclusive colors), a top coat, nail treatment, and a glittery nail file!

BoozeBud Beer & Cider Calendar ($109)

For the beer lover, 25 different handcrafted beers and ciders. Because nothing soothes frazzled shopping nerves like a nice cold beer!


Beef Jerky Advent Calendar ($50)


If you love beef jerky, this is definitely for you. You get 10 different flavors of jerky, including original, honey bourbon, and ghost pepper, and sweets like scotch caramels and peppermint taffy.

L’Occitane Signature Beauty Advent Calendar ($69)


For the pampered beauty lover, there are 24 days of luxurious French goodies. You get treats like almond shower oil, soap, conditioner, hand cream, and foot cream.

You deserve a countdown to Christmas just as much as the kids do. Because dammit, you survived another holiday season. So treat yourself!