Target's Halloween Merch Is Here Cuz What Else Do We Have To Look Forward To

by Madison Vanderberg
Target's 2020 Halloween Decorations Have Arrived

Target just opened the Halloween shop for preorders

In these dark days we’ll take any ounce of joy we can get and if that means buying Halloween merch in July, so be it! Target decided to do us all a solid by releasing their Halloween products early for pre-order and I want nothing more than to zone out for an hour, adding skeleton bones and cute pumpkin succulents into my shopping cart. Bless.

“Just can’t wait to celebrate,” Target announced alongside the launch of their ‘Hide and Eek! Boutique.’ “It’s never too early to Halloween. Pre-order decor & costumes today.” There are almost 17000 items in the Target Halloween shop ranging from light up skull pineapples (a fan favorite they brought back this year) to family Halloween costumes (Avengers assemble!) to the cutest little pumpkin tea lights (to go with your pumpkin string lights, of course).

Prices range from $2 to $400. Some of the pricier items include this projector that retails for $254.99 because you gotta project scary images onto your garage for Halloween if you wanna take your holiday enthusiasm up a notch.

Not surprisingly, a number of items are sold out, but there’s plenty to go ’round. The shop is stocked with old favorites and brand new items like this light-up beverage dispenser with a snake base ($35) or this spooky, but chic, decorative bat clear plastic cloche ($10).


This pumpkin neon Halloween path light ($10) is perfect for illuminating your yard up to the LED “Ghost Woman” ($25) projected onto the front door.


I don’t know about you, but I live for a faux holiday succulent. These spooky plants are $5 each and come in a variety of Halloween-themed shapes and sizes, but we love this black bat with a purple succulent and this — totally evergreen — snake pot.


In other front yard decor, there is a super cute little light-up ghost with a lollipop ($35) and a flamingo skeleton ($20). Spooky, but make it adorable. Also, the skeleton bird pairs well with Target’s entire “Skeleton, Skulls, and Bones” collection.


That’s just a sampling of the inventory, so feel free to waste an hour blissfully scrolling through more of Target’s pumpkin, with, and skeleton decor if you like. Although some items are still listed as “coming soon,” many are set to ship on August 27, 2020, if you feel like decorating your house for Halloween next month. Hey, whatever brings you joy!