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Non-Cliché Gifts For Teachers, Because They Deserve Our Appreciation More Than Ever

August 1, 2019 Updated October 20, 2020

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These days, every single week should be “Teacher Appreciation Week.” Teachers are too often under-valued, and they are the literal backbone of our education system. Now during unprecedented times, teachers are facing more challenges and scary uncertainties than ever. So let’s all take a moment to give the teachers in our lives a “thank you for being you” gift. A little goes a long way, and it’s always nice to feel seen, right?

But the best presents for teachers from students go beyond apple-shaped tchotchkes or cheesy mugs. There are so many non-cliché ways to celebrate the educators in our lives. When buying gifts for teachers think about what is from the heart, thoughtful and personalized. Also, it’s important to note that many school districts have specific policies on gift giving and how much that monetary value should be. So make sure you check your school’s rules first. But even if your district does have a price limit, there are so many small gifts for teachers that will still have a big impact.

Teachers are literally risking their lives right now to ensure our children have an education and future opportunities—and that’s not an exaggeration. Below see our picks for the best gifts for teachers to show them how much they’re appreciated.

Koffee Kult Coffee Beans

Teachers work way beyond classroom hours, and that often requires staying caffeinated. So what better gift for a teacher than a bag of gourmet coffee beans? Koffee Kult’s organically sourced, fair trade coffee beans have a whopping 4k+ reviews on Amazon and nearly a 5-star rating. Says one happy reviewer, “Liked it so much, I have already ordered another bag so we will not run out.”

$25.99 AT AMAZON

How Teachers Swear! An Adult Coloring Book

This is the perfect gift for the teacher in your life with a sense of humor. Each page features “teacher curse words” like “darn,” “oh for Pete’s sake” or the F-word: “fiddlesticks.” It’s cheeky and fun, but adult coloring books are also a proven way to de-stress, which is something all teachers could use.


Homesick "New Job" Scented Candle

Yes candles are a “common” gift, but there’s a reason they’re a perennial favorite: everybody loves ‘em! People typically don’t buy fancy candles for themselves, and that’s why they make such a great gift. This “new job” scented candle (it’s actually cinnamon and cedarwood-scented) is perfect for any teacher who just started at a new school.

$59.74 AT AMAZON

ThisIsMyYearGear Teaching Ain't For Punks Crewneck Sweater

Everyone loves a cheeky, fun sweater. Especially this one, because it’s true — teaching really ain’t for punks. This particular sweater comes in a ton of colors, but Etsy also has great teacher-themed sweaters, hoodies, and T-shirts, whether you’re gifting this to your music teacher or P.E. teacher.


S'well Stainless Steel Teakwood Water Bottle

Instead of a mug (something teachers typically have plenty of), consider this S’well water bottle. S’well is known for its sleek design and the fact that it keeps beverages cold for up to 41 hours and hot for up to 18. With well over 2k Amazon reviews and nearly a 5-star rating, it’s the perfect sustainable gift for a teacher.

$34.94 AT AMAZON

FaceTory Facial Masks Collection (Pack of 7)

We could all use a little more self-care in our lives, and teachers are no exception. This pack of face masks is affordable at just over $13, and the fun packaging makes it feel extra “gift-y.” Also, a reminder that self-care gifts are beloved by both male and female teachers. You can give this face mask set to any teacher who could use a bit of relaxation!

$16.21 AT AMAZON

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Teachers spend all day on their feet, so a foot massager clearly makes an ideal gift. This particular machine is about $100, so it may be over the limit depending on your school’s gifting policy. But if you’re buying this as a gift for a family member or friend who is a teacher (not your child’s teacher), then you can spend outside that limit if you’d like, of course. Says one happy reviewer, “My feet constantly ache. This machine has taken care of that. I plan on using this daily, amazing purchase!”

$108.97 AT AMAZON

Kate Spade Canvas Tote Bag

Everybody could always use an extra tote bag, especially teachers. And this pretty Kate Spade bag would make a particularly perfect gift for an English teacher. The illustration features literary classics like “Gulliver’s Travels” and “Pride and Prejudice.”

$28.00 AT AMAZON

Mkono Succulent Plant Set of 3

A set of succulent plants is the perfect desk decoration gift because they’re super easy to care for. Says one happy reviewer about this set, “These are so cute I actually ordered more once I got my first package! They look exactly like the picture. Would definitely recommend.”

$21.99 AT AMAZON

Dylan's Candy Sprinkles Notebook

Sure, teachers have thousands of notebooks, but do they have a notebook that looks like a pile of sprinkles? We think not. While you’re at it, you can also order something cute and tasty like this “Champagne” bottle full of gold marble chocolates for $15.


ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser

This 5-in-1 essential oil diffuser also serves as a humidifier, and although it might be muggy now, fall always brings dry weather along with it, and nothing feels more relaxing and spa-like than a humidifier/essential oil diffuser that infuses your room with aromas like lavender, eucalyptus, and more.

$25.99 AT AMAZON

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