These Are The Best Teacher Gifts For The Holidays

by Wendy Wisner
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holiday gifts for teachers

Here in 2020, the best holiday gifts for teachers may be a little different than the Christmas gifts you sought out waaay back in 2019. While you certainly appreciated your kids’ teachers in pre-COVID times, any family with school-aged kiddos will recall that chaos of being forced into a world of remote learning. But teachers — with their meticulously mapped-out lesson plans and countless sets of criteria to follow — were thrown a curveball, big-time.

And in general, anyone who can get a class full of kids to cooperate, listen, and learn for several hours a day, five days a week — while doing it virtually, nowadays — is nothing short of a real, live superhero. But the question is: What kind of thank you gift shows your deep level of gratitude? And, understandably, you’re probably on a budget (and aren’t we all, especially this time of year — and especially this year), which only adds to the challenge. In short, the best Christmas gifts for teachers checks all these boxes, and lucky for you, we found ’em!

Below, see the best under-$25 presents to give teachers this holiday season, which can still arrive before Christmas if you order NOW! BTW, if you’ve got older kids or you’re taking courses yourself, be sure to check out our gift picks for college professors, too!

The Best Holiday Gifts For Teachers


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