Holiday Gifts For Teachers 2020: The Best Christmas Gifts Under $25

The Best Holiday Gifts For Teachers In 2020, Because Sh*t, They Deserve It

December 1, 2019 Updated December 18, 2020

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Here in 2020, the best holiday gifts for teachers may be a little different than the Christmas gifts you sought out waaay back in 2019. While you certainly appreciated your kids’ teachers in pre-COVID times, any family with school-aged kiddos will recall that chaos of being forced into a world of remote learning. But teachers — with their meticulously mapped-out lesson plans and countless sets of criteria to follow — were thrown a curveball, big-time.

And in general, anyone who can get a class full of kids to cooperate, listen, and learn for several hours a day, five days a week — while doing it virtually, nowadays — is nothing short of a real, live superhero. But the question is: What kind of thank you gift shows your deep level of gratitude? And, understandably, you’re probably on a budget (and aren’t we all, especially this time of year — and especially this year), which only adds to the challenge. In short, the best Christmas gifts for teachers checks all these boxes, and lucky for you, we found ’em!

Below, see the best under-$25 presents to give teachers this holiday season, which can still arrive before Christmas if you order NOW! BTW, if you’ve got older kids or you’re taking courses yourself, be sure to check out our gift picks for college professors, too!

The Best Holiday Gifts For Teachers

SUNWILL Insulated Wine Tumblers with Lids (2-pack)

If teachers needed a post-class glass of wine before, they probably look forward to it now more than ever. This gorgeous wine cup set comes in a handful of trendy colors and allows their wine to remain at the perfect temperature from first sip to last. Unlike some competitors, SUNWILL’s design is extra versatile because it comes with a lid, making it ideal for outdoor gatherings or drinking tea, coffee, or anything else while on-the-go. (BTW, it’s suitable for hot liquids, too.) And bonus for you, it’s under $20 for the pair.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Funny Bone Products "Because Students" Wine Glass

Okay, so this one’s a bit riskier, but if you know your kid’s educator has a taste for wine and a sense of humor, this is the perfect little gift. Yes, we know they love their students, but the little buggers may be the reason they drink after work, too (also see: parenthood).

$13.95 AT AMAZON

Rifle Paper Co. Lively Floral Weekly Desk Pad

Never has keeping a schedule been so chic. In the realm of trendy office supplies (that actually make staying organized seem — *gasp* — fun!) Rifle Paper Co. has some of the best, as evidenced by this floral-accented desk pad. Because whether Teach’s desk is in a classroom or a home office (or maybe, right now, it’s their dining room table), it’s the place where they go to get sh*t done. A desk calendar will help them keep everything on track, no matter said desk may be.

$15.00 AT AMAZON

GSPY Lavender Candle

If your kiddo’s teacher feels a bit frazzled, remind them how important they really are. This candle will remind them that they’re awesome and illuminate the sentiment with a glow and a soothing lavender scent. This soy wax candle can help create a soothing ambiance when they’re finally able to indulge in some self-care … or, more likely, grading papers into the night.

$20.99 AT AMAZON

Teacher Survival Kit Pouch

Use this canvas pouch to inspire a fun DIY gift bag. Fill it with trinkets like chapstick, hand sanitizer, flash drives (check out the ones below), and a spiffy new face mask to add to their collection. In addition to being the perfect gift receptacle, it can be used to stash writing utensils, office supplies, or other “survival” tools to help them get through the rest of the year.


Laki Naturals Magnesium and Hawaiian Sea Salt Bath Soak

Consider getting something a little less “teacher-y” to help them unwind (and ultimately feel human again). Laki magnesium bath salts are made with all-natural, vegan ingredients, and when added to a hot bath, can help soothe away aches and pains. They’re made in the USA and are infused with essential oils, so Teacher can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy along with the other relaxing effects. Choose from a handful of scents, including unscented and Charcoal Lava, which includes detoxifying charcoal.

$11.99 AT AMAZON

FaceTory Collection Sheet Mask Set (5-pack)

Proof that self-care doesn’t have to be pricey. Grab Teach a 5-pack of FaceTory masks for 5 blissful sessions of at-home spa-ing. With masks like “Let’s Talk Detox” to let them deep-clean the day away, “Moon Velvet” for creamy moisturization, and “Oh My Goodness,” which rejuvenates, they’ll be all bright and glowy by the time school is back in session following winter break. Bonus points if you pair this gift with the Laki bath salts, above.

$14.21 AT AMAZON

LEIZHAN 32GB Fruit & Veggie Flash Drives (4-pack)

Now that everything’s gone digital, chances are, your kid’s teacher is backing up lesson plans, files, and presentations left and right (Heaven forbid they lose them). Help them keep vital information safe by storing it on these adorable fruit and veggie-themed flash drives. Each 32 GB flash drive will help them stay organized (Power Points on the pineapple, grade spreadsheets on the strawberry, etc.) while keeping their info safe and portable.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

$25 Amazon eGift Card

Ah, the Amazon gift card. If you’re still at a loss on gift ideas or you’re reading this at 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve, you can send a teacher-themed eGift Card, which will be delivered instantly. No, it’s not the most creative present, but whether the recipient chooses to use it for school supplies or a self-care treat, it’ll undoubtedly be used and appreciated.

$50.00 AT AMAZON

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$25 Amazon eGift Card