Thanksgiving Essentials For The Best Holiday Ever

Don’t Forget These Thanksgiving Essentials For The Best Holiday Ever

November 19, 2019 Updated February 22, 2020

It is time for Thanksgiving turkey!
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Thanksgiving is a mere 9 days away and whether you’ve created your shopping list down to the last potato or you’re still wondering how big of a turkey you have to buy (FYI: It’s between 1 and 1.25 pounds of turkey per guest), there’s still some time to fine-tune your game plan this year. The secret to a successful day of eating and laying around is all in the details. (Well, that and some creative table seating arrangements.) So aside from the obvious staples (cranberry sauce and pie, natch), make this list and check it, um, twice.

  • Ice, Ice, Baby. Do you want to tell Uncle Louis you ran out of ice and he’ll have to drink his scotch on the rocks with no rocks? No, you don’t. Nobody does. So, stock up.
  • Special Serving Dishes. Thanksgiving calls for serving up your gravy or mashed potatoes in something a little more festive than that chipped Pyrex bowl you sometimes feed the dog out of.
  • Storage Containers. Sure you could wrap layers of tin foil over everything you cooked right in the pot, but won’t you feel more organized (and adult) storing leftovers in actual sealed containers you can easily identify the next day?
  • Holiday Cooking Tools. If we had a dime for every time we went to use a meat thermometer that broke last year and was never replaced…we could get the whole freakin’ meal catered. Make sure everything you have is in good working order (and clean).

Here are some more ways to upgrade your home and your kitchen for this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

CPPSLEE Thanksgiving Decorations Lighted Fall Garland

This lit fall leaf garland adds an autumnal touch to your mantle or table centerpiece, and is way more practical than trying to string your own out of real leaves.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Do Mini Artificial Pumpkins and Gourds

We all know it’s festive gourd season, but rather than collecting real ones that will dirty up your tablecloth or rot in a bowl, pick up these pretty artificial ones that look even better.

$16.98 AT AMAZON

SIMULINEN Colored Napkins - Box of 50

These dinner napkins are the best of both worlds: soft, durable, and colorful, but you won’t freak out when someone dumps apple pie into the one on their lap because they are made of paper!

$24.99 AT AMAZON

NORPRO Porcelain Gravy Sauce Boat with Stand and Candle

To be filed under “why didn’t you buy this years ago,” this gravy boat has a compartment underneath that allows a lit candle to keep your gravy warm on the table! No need to keep skimming that disgusting layer of ‘gravy skin’ off the top this year, Mama!

$19.25 AT AMAZON

STAUB Ceramics Pumpkin Cocotte

Use this festive covered pumpkin style dish to serve something delicious. It’s oven-safe up to 572 degrees F and scratch resistant.

$29.95 AT AMAZON

BAMBUSI Organic Cheese Board and Knife Set

Upgrade your usual chip and dip situation to this cheese and cracker serving tray. Made of organic bamboo wood, it includes the perfect utensils to cut through the cheesiest family scene. (#sorrynotsorry)

$54.99 AT AMAZON

THERMOPRO Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Thermometer

Here’s a typical Thankskgiving day scenerio: you miss all the best parts of the Macy’s Day Parade because you’re constantly running into the kitchen to check the temperature of the turkey. This remote thermometer lets you keep an eye on your bird from afar, so bring on The Rockettes and Al Roker.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

HAMILTON BEACH Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

Slice into your Butterball like it’s made of um, butter, with this electric knife and cut your carving time in half.

$19.01 AT AMAZON

RUBBERMAID Brilliance Leak Proof Food Storage Containers (Set of 5)

Avoid overcrowding your refrigerator with pots, pans, and serving dishes filled with the congealed remnants of Thanksgiving memories. Instead, store and organize your leftovers in these crystal clear containers with leak-proof lids.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

BLUE Q Oven Mitts

This retro-styled but thoroughly modern mitt makes a great hostess gift — even if the hostess is you.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

POO-POURRI Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

We’re hoping your Thanksgiving meal comes out all right, but in case you forgot about your cousin’s lactose intolerance and overdid the cream in the creamed corn, have this on hand for any disgruntled guest stomaches. And yes Karen, it DOES smell like pumpkin chai!


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SIMULINEN Colored Napkins - Box of 50
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