All The Best Witchy Books To Hoard For Spooky Season

witchy books
Scary Mommy and Amazon

We used to read witchy books during October, leading up to Halloween. Then we decided that Spooky Season is a little bit longer, like Christmas, and witchy books should be consumed from mid-September to Thanksgiving. And then, after losing all control, we realized that witchy books should never ever leave our nightstands or bookcases, and that we deserve to read about potions and brooms and black cats year round, just like our little black hearts desire.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of witch novels and witchy fiction, from light-hearted YA picks to dark dusty tomes. In fact, it can be kind of overwhelming at times. But don’t worry. We’re here with a list of our favorite picks, from a few of the timeless classics to some of the newest witch-tastic releases. So put on your long black gloves and pointy hats and explore the best of the best witchy reads we could find.