Ten Month Old Baby

Your Ten Month Old Baby

By now, your baby can sit confidently and is probably expertly crawling on his hands and knees (and you’re investing in lots of stain removers for the knees on his pants!) Soon he’ll start pulling himself up, if he hasn’t already. And then, he’ll be off and walking — or rather, running.

Your Ten Month Old Baby

Don’t stress if your baby doesn’t seem as interested in his previously favorite foods. His growth rate is slowing (finally) so his appetite isn’t as massive as it used to be. This new lack of appetite, combined with his newfound sense of self, may make for some epic battles at meal time. Try to not force them to eat foods they’re not interested in; it won’t work and you’ll just have a bigger mess to clean up. Just keep trying new things, and he’ll eventually accept something.

Your baby’s personality is really emerging now. He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t and he isn’t the least bit afraid to tell (or show) you how he feels about everything and anything.

Your baby may seem scared of things that didn’t formerly bother him, like the vacuum or your hair dryer. Just be comforting to him and know that this phase will pass quickly.

Your baby may start displaying some pretty concerning behavior, like head banging, hair pulling, pinching, and biting. As hard as it may be to believe, he’s not deliberately being an asshole; he’s just testing the waters and trying to determine where his limits are. You will soon feel like a broken record stuck on the word “no.”

Scary Mommy tip: Now is about the time that many parents report episodes of poo smearing and it doesn’t get much nastier than that. The solution: Cut the feet out of onsie pajamas and put them on backwards (zipper in the back). If he can’t get his hands into his diaper freely and easily, he’ll be much less interested in creating another Poo Picaso all over the wall.

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