This Touch-Control Lamp Dims And Brightens Based On Your Mood, And It's Only $30

by Gina Vaynshteyn
touch control lamp

I recently replaced my bedside table lamp (it was old and it had a black scorch mark from a candle). It was something I’d been wanting to do for the last year, but I kept putting it off because that would mean I’d need to research, and who has time to research? (Responsible, good adults, I guess.) I couldn’t stare at the candle burn anymore, so I went on Amazon and spent a couple hours looking into the different types of lamps (did I want something modern? Quirky? Classic?) that would be perfect for me and my nightstand. And I finally found one that checked off all the boxes.

I’m a book and magazine stacker/hoarder, so the lamp couldn’t take up too much space. I’m also someone who reads in bed for (ideally) at least an hour a night on week nights and more during the weekend, so I needed a bright light. But I also wanted a lamp that would give me a more subtle glow if I felt like watching a show on my laptop with a sheet mask on. Aka, as spa-like as possible. Since regular lamps don’t normally have the capability to give you both practicality and custom ambiance, I found a touch-controlled lamp that would dim, brighten, and even change colors — all I have to do is tap it until I get the lighting I want.

The Aukey table lamp is the perfect size. It’s small and doesn’t take much room, but it gets really bright when you want it to. I don’t need to turn the main light switch on if I’m reading or cleaning and need full vision. It comes in white, rose, gold, and silver (got silver, and it looks cute with my navy blue accent wall and white and gray sheets). I like that it’s so minimalist, because that way I can spruce up my table with a bright and fun candle (don’t worry, I’m much more careful about fire now) or plant. Which I didn’t will not put anywhere near the lit candle. It’s perfect for kids, too, since it’s so durable and they’d get a kick out of the ability to make their room glow blue, purple, red, orange, or green.

And it was only $30 (if you’re a Prime member, you may be eligible to save $5 with a coupon). I love my cozy, special little space now (and many others — over 8,800 people who gave the Aukey lamp a 5-star review)