Make A Giant Twinkies Cake With This Party Size Baking Kit, Because Why Not

by Gina Vaynshteyn
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Twinkies Cake

If Twinkies aren’t one of your favorite nostalgia snacks, then, sorry, we can’t be friends. Eating a Twinkie takes me back to my ’90s childhood, which was hardly supervised (hence, all the Twinkies), nor did it follow any kind of guided nutritional regimen (hence, all the Twinkies). Every once in a while, I’ll pick up a two-pack at the gas station and bite into a cake, savoring the pastry and creme that can only be described as “Twinkie flavored.” Now, you can enjoy you Twinkies on an even more intense level: You can buy a baking kit and bake your own giant Twinkies cake loaf.

Walmart is selling a kit that includes cake mix, a cream filling mix, baking pan, and instructions. All you need at home is vegetable oil, eggs, water, and heavy cream. The good news is that you can buy all of that sweet, sweet goodness for $14.98.

The bad news is that it’s selling FAST. Literally every time I check the Walmart page, it always tells me there are only seven or six left. Which is why I included some alternatives, if you want to make Twinkies desserts in your own kitchen (no, I’m not suggesting you make them from scratch, I am not a psychopath).

Like this Twinkies pan set, which comes with a decorating kit (including a syringe so you can inject your Twinkies with cream).

This isn’t Twinkies cake mix — it’s better! It’s pudding. And it comes in a three-pack (six servings each — although you get to be the judge of that).

So, while you enjoy your Twinkies cake or pudding at home, you can also brew yourself some Twinkies-flavored coffee (they also sell a “Honey Bun” flavor from Hostess). It’s technically just vanilla, but we bet it’s delicious.

And finally, the OG box of Twinkies. Well, six of them. Lucky for us it takes like 5,000 years for Twinkies to go bad.

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