Ugly Halloween Sweaters Are The New Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Halloween Sweaters Are The New Ugly Christmas Sweaters And We’re Here For It

August 16, 2019 Updated October 30, 2020

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Whether you love them or loathe ‘em, ugly sweater parties are one of the kitschiest Christmas traditions. You know the drill. Find the most hideous-looking red and green, blinged out, holiday-themed sweater that looks like it belongs in the museum of ugly clothing and wear it with pride, all for the sake of being festive. In case you are one of those people who lives for ugly sweater parties, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to wait until the holiday season to put on your party pants. Hello, Halloween ugly sweaters, a new tradition mirroring ugly Christmas sweaters that is so about to happen.

This year, since many of us will opt to stay home and stay safe during the pandemic, it might feel like a lot to put on a Halloween costume and get super dressed up for an occasion we’re celebrating kinda solo. An ugly Halloween sweater is just the thing to feel like you’re truly participating in Halloween (and you get to stay warm and comfortable all day/night long).

In case you want to channel the Christmas spirit into Halloween even more, you should also think about investing in a Halloween tree. Because yes, they exist as well.

The best ugly Halloween sweaters:

Adult Classic Horror Monsters Fair Isle Halloween Sweater

This multi-colored number, featuring horror monsters, will probably increase your chances of winning the top honors at the bash. It’s creepy and even the color choices are totally hideous.

$44.99 AT AMAZON

Pumpkin Cat Bats Sweatshirt

From far away, this looks like a regular ‘ole Halloween sweater. But the closer you get, you realize it features a bunch of furry black cats and orange pumpkins. Okay, so this isn’t an “ugly” Halloween sweater, but we love it just the same.

$21.78 AT AMAZON

Blizzard Bay Halloween Sweater

This arsenal of ugly Halloween sweaters gives you plenty to choose from, including this random dinosaur sweater to a llama dressed up as a pumpkin sweater, to a skeleton sweater with a glittery pumpkin in the place of its heart sweater. So fun! So tacky! We love it!

$29.99 AT AMAZON

HotW Here for the Boos Sweatshirt

Cheesy counts, right? “I’m just here for the boos” with a ghost enjoying a pint of beer while eyeing other drink options is hilarious and cute and garish at the same time.

$33.45 AT AMAZON

UnicornWithStyleLtd Funny Ugly Sweater With Candycorn and Ghosts

The font reminds us of a Hallmark Halloween card, and the candycorn and ghosts are the perfect touch to this ugly sweater.


slothshirts Pumpkin Witch Black Cat Sweatshirt

It’s bright orange, baby. You’ll definitely stand out with this one. Though the pattern is less obnoxious, we’re still calling this an “ugly Halloween sweater” because when else would you wear this aside from Halloween?


Bunkis1st Frequent Flyer Sweater

“Frequent flyer.” Get it? Ha ha! We actually think sweater is pretty darn cool, but maybe we’re just cheesy.


Adult Witch Spellcraft and Curios Ugly Halloween Sweater

Okay, maybe this is less “ugly” than it is goulishly fantastic, and dare we say…stylish? We love the option of wearing it with a collared shirt underneath in case it’s chilly or we just want a more preppy look.


Black and White Skeleton Adult Ugly Halloween Sweater

This is your standard ugly “Fair Isle” sweater, except the normal patterns are replaced by skulls and skeletons. We love!


Adult Classic Horror Monsters Fair Isle Halloween Sweater

This ugly Fair Isle sweater features monsters like Frankenstein (technically Frankenstein’s monster) and Dracula.


Adult Vintage Halloween Cat Halloween Sweater

This sweater is designed to look “vintage” but we’ll just call it like we see it: It’s tacky, and there’s a whole lot going on, including a starry pattern and spooked out black cat on top of some pumpkins.


Beetlejuice It's Showtime! Halloween Sweater for Adults

Since Beetlejuice is, well, disgusting, this makes for the perfect ugly Halloween sweater. But honestly, we will forever love Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice, and will probably watch it on Halloween.


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