Best Realistic Kids Horse Toys 2021, According to Moms

9 Neigh-Worthy Kids Horse Toys Because EVERYONE Needs A Pony

March 17, 2020 Updated January 28, 2021

Best Kids Horse Toys

Horse toys are always a winner because they inspire imaginations and make the absolute best little friends. Whether your kiddo is gearing up to be the next western-inspired hero in the house, or is just looking for some adorable equine buddies to add to their toy collection, these picks will satisfy their neigh-worthy needs.

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We know that every kid wants a pet. How many times have we heard “I want a pony” or a dog or a cat or a hamster for that matter. And no matter how they promise they’ll be the ones to take care of said pet, we know the truth. This is not our first turn on this rodeo (really??). So why not let them name the pony and care for it as they say they would. All while they stable it right in their own bedroom each night.

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We have a mix of realistic horse toys that are great for riding around the house, the best rocking horse for toddlers, and some kids horse toys that will inspire hours of equestrian adventures. And yes, that means maybe even a few minutes of chill time for you, mamas. There’s even a hobby horse that will be adorable on video.

So giddy up and get the best pick for you horse-loving kid. They’ll be racing and riding around the house and keeping themselves busy in no time!

Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Ride-On Horse

It doesn’t get more classic than this ride-on rocking horse toy. Champion is its name. And it’s a realistically designed spring horse that responds to your child’s motion. 3 levels of riding action – walk, trot, gallop – activate different realistic horse riding sounds. And the carrot makes chewing sounds to encourage imaginative play for your little one. Built-in safety straps bring protection for your little rider (and piece of mind for mama). The innovative x-frame is easy to maneuver and has an EZ climb step that allows for quick on and off access. A favorite detail? The soft yarn mane that can be brushed with the comb accessory. One reviewer said: “My 2.5 year old loves this horse. Even after the excitement of Christmas is gone, she still rides “horsie”. We had to move him into the living room!”


LEGO Friends Mia’s Horse Trailer

Why not pair horse toys with their favorite show? Kiddos can build Mia’s toy ATV and trailer using the easy instructions. The 216-piece set includes Mia and Emma mini-dolls, a rabbit and horse figure, a toy ATV, horse trailer, LEGO friend horse accessories, a grooming kit, and a sweet forest scene for the toy rabbit. They’ll love creating their own little fairy-filled woodland adventures. Plus the trailer has roof and tailgate access, and hitches to the ATV. The set has v realistic features – like a horse blanket, saddle, brush, carrot, and more – so kids can know what it’s actually like to own a horse. And like all LEGO sets, it can be built together with other sets and building blocks for hours and hours of play.


QABA Kids Walking Horse With Wheels

It doesn’t get more extra than this. And for that, we love it. And we think your little one will too. The large size of this riding horse toy with wheels provides a comfy riding experience and will actually grow with your kiddo. It has the look of a classic riding horse but with a new mechanical forward motion technology. All it takes is simply pushing down and then releasing the head in a stand-sit motion, propelling the toy across the floor. The riding saddle is secure over a plush, padded metal frame to create some authentic gallop and giggle time. Even better? The ears have buttons for realistic neighing and galloping sounds. It’s basically the next best thing to a real pony.


Linzy Hobby Horse With Sounds

Hobby horsing is not only ridiculously adorable, but it’s the exercise your kid needs to spend all that crazy energy. This pretty pony measures 36” long and is durable enough for the wildest of cowboys or cowgirls. It’s sure to excite their imagination. Built-in sound effects like neighing, galloping, and whinnying make it even more realistic. Plus it’s available in brown or light brown. Pick it up as a gift for your fave LO, or as an accessory for your kiddos’s next western-inspired costume. One mama raved: “Our toddler adores this stick pony. She ‘rides’ pony around the house making horsey noises. The pony’s sound effects are good, too — galloping hooves, whinnying, and snorting. The head unscrews from the stick, and little one can take the horse head around with her, holding it by the bridle. A little creepy, but hey, the kid is happy and nobody’s getting hit with a stick in the car!” Sounds like a win-win to us!


Glitter Girls All Asparkle Acres Riding Stable Set

Every pony owner needs a fancy stable. This playset comes with two stalls that fit the sparkly Glitter Girls 14” horses (sold separately for $25 a pop and available in lots of different colors), gates that open and close, a saddle, and so much more! With 20 different accessories – like feeding buckets, apple halves, carrots, grooming tools, mitts, ropes – it has all the horse care essentials your little equestrian needs. It’s also compatible with most 14” dolls, including Wellie Wishers and Hearts for Hearts, who have adorable outfits and boots for purchase. Kiddos can collect and mix and match the pieces with other sets for even more fun. Recommended for kids ages 3+, it’s great for girls ages 6 to 10 years old.


Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage

Every little princess needs a horse-drawn carriage. Now one of our favorite brands is making that possible. Your little babe will feel like royalty when they take the reins. It has a back handle for parents to push or reigns to pull from the front. There’s a removable floor board for when your child is younger and can’t push with their feet. As they grow, it converts to a foot-to-floor ride-on toy. Kids can take the reigns and “drive” themselves. It even makes horse clopping sounds. And for convenience, there are cupholders for both parents and kids. We love the parent console on the roof. Your mini me will like opening and closing the door and ruling over their kingdom. Sweet details include a crown on the roof, heart decal wheels, and regal embellishments throughout. Weight limit is 50 pounds so it really will grow with your child.


WALKI Bouncy Horse Hopper

Horse hopper FTW. Perfect for ages 3-5, this soft and bouncy friend has a cuddly plush cover and inflatable design that will lets kids quickly learn to sit and bounce forward while developing balance and coordination. The horsie features 4 soft legs, allowing for it to stand on its own. The convenient double-action hand pump makes it easy to inflate and reflate as needed. They can get bouncing in just five minutes. Floor to saddle, it’s about 12 inches (making it a good size for older toddlers and young kids). It will help with balance and coordination, not to mention create some adorable videos. And if you’re looking for some more exotic options, there’s a wide range of animals to choose from.


Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show Horse Stable

This travel-friendly playset includes 8 horses, a wooden take-along stable, and an attached breed guide. Made from high-quality materials, it’s durable, well constructed, and will hold up to constant use and being lugged around here, there, and everywhere. Kids will love the write-on name tags so they can personally name their new BFFs. This is a great gift for kids ages 3 years and up. Pair it with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Fold & Go Barn. One parent said, “My toddler is over the moon. This set satisfies his obsessive love of horses, and his parents are pleased that the stable is a great place to keep them together when being stored.”  Take it to the park, on the airplane, or just for a fun ride in the backyard.


Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Give your kid hours of fun with this classic Little Tikes children’s toy rocking horse. It has been designed in a bright blue color and finished with smooth corners and edges. Kids will learn balance and coordination, and will enjoy doing it. It’s ideal for toddlers to make imaginary gallops around the house. We love its compact size and lightweight-yet-sturdy design. The materials make it great for indoor or outdoor use and the handle makes it easy to tote around from room to room or house to yard. One reviewer raved about its durability: “Little Tikes never disappoints with how well-made their products are. My son has definitely tested it to the breaking point and its still perfect. We will be giving this rocking horse to my nephew and I am sure it will be handed down over and over again.”


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