Universal Standard Is Now Giving You $100 In Store Credit For Recycling Your Clothes

by Gina Vaynshteyn
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universal standard
Universal Standard

Universal Standard wants to offset the amount of waste that happens in the fashion industry, mainly around “fast fashion” (i.e., purchasing a bunch of low-cost, typically low-quality clothes, and tossing them as soon as the items see wear and tear — which is usually fast, hence the name), so starting today, the women-owned clothing brand is offering up to $100 to customers as an incentive to “reset, recycle, refresh.” We’ve always loved Universal Standard for their mission to prioritize inclusivity in fashion, and now they’re taking that mission a step further and also focusing on sustainability. Hell to the yes.

“This initiative is part of Universal Standard’s larger goal to dismantle socialized stereotypes and address accessibility to break the cycle of unfair bias in the industry. The announcement of RESET RECYCLE REFRESH comes at a time when people are more conscious of how/where they spend and are in search of ways to positively impact the world,” Universal Standard stated.

With Marimole’s (a company that specializes recycling textiles) support, Universal Standard wants customers to participate, and it’s super easy to do so! Here’s what you need to do.

1. Buy a $4.50 recycling back from Universal Standard and indicate how many clothing items you want to recycle.

2. Once you get the bag (select here), you can fill it with 4 items.

3. Send the bag via UPS to Marimole with prepaid and pre-labeled postage.

4. Once it’s been shipped, you’ll get $100 ($25 per item you recycled) worth of credit emailed to you.

It pays to be awesome to the planet. If you’re planning on participating, here are some items we’ve been eyeing that’ll give our fall wardrobes a minimalistic refresh.

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