18 Best Vaccination Card Protectors That Are Cute And Effective

Get A Cute Vaccination Card Protector Before You Lose It, Because You Probably Will

April 23, 2021 Updated June 15, 2021

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Did you ever think we’d make it to the point where we’d need something like COVID-19 vaccination card protectors, covers, and holders? Well, we did it! We’re here, Mama. More and more people are getting vaccinated every day, and summer 2021 has officially become the season of the vax. The next move is to see loved ones you’ve only talked to over Zoom for a year, plan that trip with your girlfriends, and protect the vaccination card that allows you to do it all. It’s important to keep your vaccine card from being damaged, torn, or lost because you may need it to do things in the future.

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Before things really start reopening and feeling normal(ish) again, getting a vaccination card protector should be at the top of the list for you can your family. Now that everyone 16 and over is able to receive, your teens will need one too! Etsy has the cutest choices if you want to be bold and show your personality, while Amazon has sturdy options of the classic clear cardholders. Some come with lanyards and keychains, some are waterproof, and some are just outright adorable. Check out the best options for vaccination card protectors below!

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Vaccination Card Holders

SAMERIVER Vaccine Card Sleeve

This vaccine card protector comes with a lanyard that matches the waterproof cover! It comes in cool primary colors like blue, green, and, red. You’ve also got your choice between buying just one or a 5 pack of simple, clear versions!

$10.99 AT AMAZON

LifeJoy CDC Vaccine Card Protector 6-Pack

For only 30 bucks, you’ll get six super cute vaccination card holders for you and the fam. Take it from an Amazon reviewer who did just that. “Super nice,” she said. “Bought them for the family to keep the covid cards safe. Everyone loves them!! Perfect to clip inside a purse and not have to worry about it!! Completely worth it.”

$29.97 AT AMAZON

OneTwelveArdsley Leather Vaccination Card Protective Sleeve

Here’s another leather option for you that’s not in booklet form. This protective sleeve is made of leather and heavy vinyl, and simply has a clear plastic window. No thrills and frills here, just protection (unless you want it personalized too!). Because these covers are handmade, the seller also asks customers to measure their vaccination card to ensure that the protective sleeve fits perfectly!

$7.20 AT ETSY

Foshine CDC Vaccination Card Protector (4 Pack)

Do you see how cute these lanyards are? We’ll take 4! This set comes with four clear vaccination card protectors and four variously colored lanyards. Perfect for traveling!


AprilandKiwi Fauci Ouchie Vaccine Card Holder

Okay, this one is pretty hilarious. Shout from the roof tops (or at least from your purse) that you’ve got the Fauci Ouchie! The hilarious term refers to Dr. Anthony Fauci and the COVID-19 vaccine. It all started when a student asked a teacher about getting the “Fauci-Ouchie” in class. Kids say the darnedest things don’t they?

$16.90 AT ETSY

Zekkahome 2 Pack Vaccination Card Protector

This vaccination card protector is a booklet that comes in six adorable marble colors including pink (pictured), baby blue, purple, white, gray, and black. It’s measured at 4 x 3 and made of strong and durable pu leather.


BlissByBabe Vaccination Card protector Sleeve

Cupcakes, roller skates, video game controllers, and so much more! These vaccination card protector sleeves pretty much has a design everyone would love. No surprise that it’s a best seller on Etsy! This cardholder fits a 3×4 inch card, so be sure it’s the right fit for yours before you purchase!


Ban.do Passport Holder

While this is technically for your passport, it fits for your vaccination card too! Also the saying, “Look Forward Not Back,” seems pretty fitting for the times we’re in. Ban.do also has tons of other colorful patterns and quotes like “Mental Vacation” and “Available for Weekends.”

$17.99 AT BAN.DO

CDC Vaccination Card Protector (6 Pack)

It’s said that not all CDC immunization cards are the same size in every state (or even every city, for that matter). This Amazon options gives you the choice between a 4×3 or a 3.5×2.5 card protector. You’ve also got the choice in the amount you receive as they come in a 6, 10, 50, and 200 pack! Whether you’re getting these for the whole family or the whole neighborhood, this choice is a solid option starting at only $3.99.


AACreativeDesignsCo. Leather "Vaccine Record" Vaccine Cardholder

Keep it simple and classy with this genuine leather vaccine card holder. It looks similar to a passport holder, and at this point, may be just as important for travel. It also includes two credit card slots and contains advanced Radio Frequency Blocking Technology. Another cool feature? You can purchase with or without the “Vaccine Record” text!

$18.99 AT ETSY

Sparkle Pickle Store Vaccine Card Protector Keychain

Having a keychain makes it a little harder to lose your vaccination card. I mean, it’s literally attached to you! This vaccination card holder from Sparkle Pickle Store comes in TONS of colors (28 to be exact) and can fit a 4×3 inch vaccination card. This seller has tons of reviews with customers raving about great quality and construction, so you know you’re in good hands.


Joonipermoon Vaccination Card Covers

If anybody asks if you’ve been vaccinated, just pull out this baby in a cool, James Bond-esque way. For only six bucks you’ve got your choice between a red, black, or royal blue protective sleeve. “It’s perfect!” said one reviewer who works in health care. “It fits the cards great, and is keeping the Hubs card save while he waits for shot 2. Now we don’t have to worry that it will get lost or bent while tucked in our fireproof safe. Absolutely recommending! So much better than lamination!”

$5.40 AT ETSY

ShoreToPleaseCo Clear Vaccination Card Holder

Clear, adorable, and waterproof. What’s not to like about this vaccine card protector? Make sure to snag a lanyard to keep it around your neck! “This vaccine card holder is perfect!” said one happy Etsy customer. “Excellent quality! I love the zip lock. Looks even better in person! Will definitely buy more!”


Cute Vaccination Card Protectors

Patterned Vaccine Card Holder Keychain with Clip

A little leopard print won’t hurt, mama. And this vaccination card holder is only $10! It also comes in 30 other patterns and colors including zebra print, plaid, holographic, and more.

$10.00 AT AMAZON

LifeJoy CDC Vaccine Card Protector 2-Pack

Looking for something a little more fancy? This black, white, and gold marble vaccination card protector is the one. It’s made of durable canvas and a clear waterproof protector. It’s rated nearly perfect on Amazon with 4.8 stars and reviewers are loving it!

$12.97 AT AMAZON

Wizard Spell Vaccination Card Holder

Calling all Harry Potter fans! This vaccination card holder is perfect for you. The “Accio Antibodies” design surrounds an animated version of the virus. “Only five stars? No! I want to give a million stars,” said one happy Etsy customer. “These holders are exactly as pictured and made with love and care! Excellent quality. It’s so cute, it fits my vaccination card perfectly!”


BrieAndVessie Pattern Vaccination Card Holders

We’ve got another Etsy best seller on our hands! Customers rave about the different patterns, the quality, and the super fast shipping. One reviewer said, “These vaccination card holders are just perfect and will make for nice gifts for my friends. Delivery was super quick! The tie-dye print is very nice and colorful. The stitching on the holders is excellent. Kathy is very kind, helpful and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommend!”


Sparkle Pickle Store Lizard v. Virus Vaccination Card Holder

Yep, we’ve got another keychain cardholder from Sparkle Pickle Store. Although this one has a giant fire breathing lizard that’s fighting the virus? Intense, but we’ll take it. The bold blue color makes it extra fun too.


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