Best Hand Sanitizer Keyrings & Keychains 2021: For Kids & Adults

These Hand Sanitizer Keychains Ensure Your Kid Always Has A Bottle On Them

August 19, 2020 Updated March 12, 2021

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A hand sanitizer keyring or keychain is a convenient way to keep the stuff handy. After all — pandemic or not — good hygiene is non-negotiable. While you may be able to keep everyone inside your house clean (more or less), it’s much harder to keep things germ-free once your kids are at school or traveling anywhere, in general. Hand sanitizer is a quick and easy way to clean their hands, especially if a bathroom or sink isn’t immediately nearby. But keeping track of hand sanitizer bottles, particularly travel-friendly ones, is another task. Somehow, kids manage to lose jackets and half their toys… how do you expect them to keep track of a tiny little bottle?

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Hand sanitizer keychains can help make sure disinfectant is always nearby. These holders have hooks or loops that can attach to backpacks, bags, and more, and they hold mini bottles that you can fill with the hand sanitizer of your choice. They’re practical for parents, who can save themselves the effort of digging through a seemingly bottomless bag just to find one small bottle (not to mention, there’s plenty of cool designs from fancy leather cases to Disney character themed). And they’re also great for kids, who can use the keychains to personalize their stuff and avoid losing yet one more thing. Many of them also have cute designs that will encourage your kids to reach for them to clean their hands — or at least, resist it less.

Ahead are 14 hand sanitizer keychains that both kids and parents alike will love.

Clip on Hand Sanitizer Holder

Pinch Provisions Hand Sanitizer Key Chain

Hey, ladies and gents (especially all you on-the-go parents)! The next time you find yourself in a pinch, don’t sweat it. This little pouch-turned-key-chain is cute and functional. Brought to you by the masterminds behind Pinch Provisions, this handy carabiner can be clipped onto your purse, backpack, tote, you name it, for one less worry when you need hand sani (and you need it fast). It comes in brown and black and is already filled with a mini hand sanitizer (contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol).



Hzran Portable Squeeze Bottle with Leather Keychain Holder

This set comes with two empty scratch- and leak-proof bottles that can hold two ounces of hand sanitizer, as well as two different colored leather pouches. The pouches have a clean design and fold-over top with a button closure, and are almost like mini leather purses for your hand sanitizer. They measure about 4” x 2.6” without the keychain. There are three color combinations and each holder also has an attached keychain that has both a ring and a clip.


OLIKA | Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray with Clip-On (6 Pack)

Meet fall’s must-have accessory. We’re obsessed with these ah-dorable clip-on hand sanitizers from clean wellness brand OLIKA. Here, you get a pack of six (perfect for sharing with the entire Fam Bam). We can’t decide what we love more: the fragrant scents (two words: cucumber basil) or the cute container it comes in. The hand sanitizer itself is made from 65% ethyl alcohol and aromatherapeutic essential oils. With each bottle, you get roughly 300 sprays. If you tend to struggle with dry skin during the colder months, then you’ll appreciate this gel formula’s hydrating benefits. 

$29.94 AT AMAZON

VENTURED LIVING Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain

This set of two hand sanitizer holders is made with vegan leather, have a button snap closure, and have a clip to attach to your bags and backpacks. Also included are one-ounce refillable bottles so you don’t have to go out and get your own. You can choose between bright floral patterns for a pop of color, or a pair that includes easy-to-match black and tan holders.


LinkIdea Portable Silicone Travel Bottles Set

This set of hand sanitizer holders come with a retractable keychain for easy grabbing when you need it. One reviewer said, “Doesn’t leak! Works great! I filled them up with sanitizer and keep one on my dog leash and super it’s handy!”


BIHRTC 4Packs of Hand Sanitizer Keychain Holder wit Refillable Bottle

This leather holder set comes with both a keychain and a wristlet — how convenient is that? It also includes four refillable bottles so you won’t have to find a hand sanitizer bottle that fits the case.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Silicone Hand Sanitizer Holder

DARUNAXY 6 Pack Travel Plastic Clear Bottles with Silicone Sleeve

With this set, you’ll get 6 60-ml empty bottles, 6 silicone holders, and a collapsible silicone funnel. These colorful holders come in a random assortment of pink, blue, black, green, and purple. Attach them onto purses, backpacks, strollers or whatever you need on the go, and they’ll be cute and useful companions for keeping your kids’ (or your) hands free from germs.


XITENBAO Silicone Cartoon Travel Bottle Keychain

If you can’t convince your kids to use hand sanitizer, maybe a cartoon pineapple wearing sunglasses can. Or a panda holding balloons. This set of bottle keychains includes eight different sleeves featuring cute cartoons like a robot, unicorn sloth, panda donut, cat-ctus, and more. The sleeves hold one-ounce bottles and have a hook to attachYou also get eight empty one-ounce bottles and a collapsible silicone funnel that will help refill bottles with less spillage.

$11.40 AT AMAZON

DARUNAXY Assorted Silicone Bottles Keychain Carriers

This pack comes with 10 plastic 30ml travel bottles and 10 assorted adorable cartoon silicone sleeves that can attach to bags or be used as a keychain. The set also comes with a convenient, collapsible silicone funnel you can use to fill and refill the bottles. The sleeves come in five different cartoon shapes (unicorn, alpaca, sweetheart, owl, and sloth) and you get two of each shape — there’s enough to go around for everyone in the family, especially if your kids don’t like to share and/or tend to lose track of their belongings on a regular basis. Each carrier (with the bottle attached, not including the hook) measures 85mm x 4mm.


KINIA 8 Pack Empty SPACE Kids Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain Carriers

These space-themed hand sanitizer keychains are out of this world. The KINIA pack comes with eight one-ounce flip-cap bottles that are BPA-free and easy to fill with the hand sanitizer of your choice. The brightly colored silicone carriers will be hard to miss on bags (or laying around the house) and have aliens, astronauts, rockets, and planets and can easy hook onto backpacks, straps, keychains, and more. Assign your kids to a special intergalactic mission to keep their hands clean and sanitized every day. If you’re not into the space theme, there are other ones available, including BFF, Dinosaur, Mermaids & Pirates, Unicorn, and Mixed (a set of assorted fun, cartoon-y characters).


GOODYEZZ Pikachu Hand Sanitizer Holder

Gotta catch ‘em all… germs that is. Any kid, big or small, who is Pokemon-obsessed will love carrying around their own Pikachu wherever they go. This bright and fun silicone bottle holder has a keychain to hook onto straps and bags, and can fit over a one-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer. One bottle of scented hand sanitizer automatically comes with the holder, and when you’re finished with it, you can either refill the bottle with more hand sanitizer or replace it with another one you have on hand. While this Pikachu doesn’t have any electrical abilities like their cartoon counterparts, it does have the ability to help your family zap germs away.


Best Hand Sanitizer Keychains For Kids

Bath & Body Works Caticorn Light Up Pocket Bac Holder

This pandemic may not be any fun, but this Bath and Body Works Caticorn (yes, that’s cat + unicorn) PocketBac holder will give you and the kids a reason to smile. Did we mention that it lights up? Yup. The rainbow horn is probably our favorite part. Simply clip it onto a purse, backpack, or even your lunchbox for hand sanitzer that’s always within reach. PocketBac sold separately. It also comes in a S’more, Pugicorn, or Rainbow-themed holder. You can thank us later 😉


GOCOHHI 5 Packs Travel Plastic Clear Keychain Bottles

For a simple bottle and keychain, this pack includes five empty bottles and five carabiners. The clear two-ounce flip-top bottles are made of BPA-free PET material and are odorless and durable with a wide diameter design. The carabiners come in different colors so everyone can have their own. To add your own flair, you can decorate and personalize the bottles however you want — write or draw on them, add stickers, etc. to personalize for each family member. They each measure 5” x 1.4” (including the carabiner).


Zario Empty Travel Size Bottle and Keychain Holder

If you’re looking for something a little sturdier and less cartoon-forward, these Zario keychain holders will satisfy both requirements. This pack comes with three neoprene holders that have metal keyrings and subtle styles that both you and your kids can carry around. Each holder fits a 30 ml bottle with a flip-cap (three empty bottles are also included) that you can fill, and the whole thing measures 4.5” x 2”.


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