This Is The Only Mug You Need If You Hate Lukewarm Coffee Or Tea

by Karen Tietjen
Yeti Rambler Mug
Scary Mommy

If you’re a mom, you can relate: You stumble to the kitchen to prepare your coffee, then finally take that first glorious sip of morning brew. Your senses begin to awaken, the world comes into focus, and …


You begrudgingly put down your mug of bliss, only to end up abandoning it for the rest of the morning. When you return to your old friend again, you find it ice-cold (if you drink it hot) or tepid and watered down (if you’re an iced coffee kind of gal).

Scary Mommy

But there’s hope, Mama: The insulated Yeti Rambler Mug is a game-changer when it comes to downing caffeine at just the right temperature, and at $20-30 (depending on color), it’s a steal when you think about how many brews you won’t be pouring down the sink. (After all, 20 bucks is like 4 or 5 drinks in Starbucks orders, right?)

Yeti is a legendary name in outdoor gear for its temperature-keeping capabilities. Need a heavy duty cooler that keeps ice for days in the blazing heat? You got it. A thermal jug that keeps soup piping hot, even in the most frigid weather? Right here. So it’s no wonder this Yeti mug is superior at keeping coffee to temp, as impossible as the task may seem on a hectic weekday morning. And I can tell you from experience: As a cold brew connoisseur and mom myself, I can’t pour my a.m. perk-up potion in a regular glass without it dying a slow, watered-down, condensation-covered death.

Scary Mommy

The Yeti Rambler Mug comes with a Magslider Lid for a mess-free sip, plus it can be closed to help prevent splashes, whether you’ve placed it next to your precious laptop or you’re running around the house amidst the morning chaos. The double-insulated wall makes it completely sweat-proof, and its thick circumference offers a comfortable hold and stable base. While it’s too wide to fit into most cup holders, it’s the ideal work-from-home beverage receptacle (and really, who goes anywhere anymore)? But for you go-getters who prefer your caffeine to go, the Yeti Rambler Tumbler might be more suited for your adventures.

Scary Mommy

My Yeti Rambler is the only one I use for hot or cold beverages, and in fact, it’s perfect for sipping on seltzers and cocktails, too. Yes, you’ll use this mug from morning ’til night, and the best part is, no drinks will be wasted.