Rejoice! Starbucks' Holiday Merch Has Arrived


This year’s seasonal gifts at Starbucks are here to fill your heart — not to mention hands — with holiday joy

Ho, ho, ho, Mercury Christmas! Sure, we’d normally go with “merry” here, but Starbucks just dropped its holiday merch collection and it has us feeling very elemental. Mercury flakes, mercury glitter, gold, iridescence — let’s just say the coffee purveyor’s seasonal gift collection for 2019 is precious. And since there are undoubtedly some pretty precious people in your life who deserve to be pampered (read: it’s you, you’re precious), you’re going to want to check out Starbucks’ holiday offerings, stat.

After all, this time of year can be a mixed bag of emotions. It’s cozy and warm. Then it’s cold and biting. You’re buoyed by people’s good spirits. Then you get stuck behind someone in line at your local ‘Bux who has an apparent moral dilemma over this year’s holiday cup. During a time of year when your mood can be so mercurial, it’s comforting to find something you know will be a stable source of happiness.

Why yes, we are talking about a coffee cup and, ironically, it too is mercurial. But, like, literally. Who wouldn’t feel happy clutching a new mercury green cold cup adorned with vibrant green glitter ($18.95)?

Or, if green isn’t quite your scene, perhaps the holiday spirit is steering you more toward Starbucks sleek black and dazzling pink Mercury Flake Cold Cups ($19.95 each). The foil accents give these gifts a little flash.

For the gold lovers in your life, look no further than Starbucks’ new Glitter Gradient Gold Cold Cup ($22.95).

Zack Seckler

Those aren’t the only treasures in Starbucks’ seasonal merch trove, though. The White Drip Mug ($12.95) boasts a shimmery luster glaze that makes it the perfect iridescent coffee accessory.

And Starbucks, in all their benevolence, didn’t just deliver on the sparkly, shiny, if-these-cups-came-with-chains-we’d-wear-them-around-our-necks front. They also thought about gifts for the color fanatics among us. The pink and ombre reusable cup set ($11.95) features a 6-pack of 16 oz. reusable cups so pretty they could double as holiday decorations.

Have a friend who believes everything is better bigger and bolder? They’re a prime gifting candidate for Starbucks’ multicolor reusable cold cup set. It comes with five 24 oz cups in classic holiday hues. Bonus? The straws are stiped like candy canes, and the cups are adorned with cute sayings — think “Magic Cool” and “Coffee All the Way.”

Zack Seckler

You can make your favorite color-happy mug-lover smile by gifting them with Starbucks cheery red “Hand Warmer” mug ($9.95).

Of course, we all have that friend who’ll make it to the ‘Bux to buy these holiday cups before you even make your morning coffee. In that case, you can always fall back on Starbucks’ two other seasonal gifts: a Merry Coffee Cup Ornament ($7.95).

And festively designed holiday gift cards ($5 to $500).

So, forget hydrogen. This holiday season, let mercury be your No. 1 element — along with whatever else Starbucks’ 2019 seasonal merch is made out of. We’re no chemists, but we’re pretty sure these gift picks are destined to have an extremely long (kitchen) shelf life.