Steak-Umm's Viral Twitter Thread Is A Mic Drop On Anyone Criticizing Millennials

by Christina Marfice
Images via Steak-umm / Twitter

We didn’t know Steak-umm was the voice of the millennial generation, but OK

In the social media age, a lot of brands have large followings online because of the way they interact with those followers, i.e. their potential customers. Wendy’s is known for making hilariously sarcastic jokes about its followers. Taco Bell also interacts with fans online with humor and wit. And while some people don’t understand this practice, Steak-umm, a brand of reheatable frozen beef sandwich meat, just explained it all while also explaining everything that makes it difficult to be a millennial in one mic-drop of a Twitter thread.

“why are so many young people flocking to brands on social media for love, guidance, and attention?” it begins. “I’ll tell you why.”

And it did. It told us why. Steak-umm just perfectly laid it out there for us all to read. Millennials struggle to find community or meaning when they work freelance or gig jobs with little security or upward mobility. They’re crushed by student loan debt and facing a world that feels hopeless all the time. Frightening headlines come at them 24-7 on social media through mobile devices. And so many people refuse to acknowledge that millennials might have it kind of rough, because they’ve been brainwashed by the bootstrap mentalities of their own generations. In reality, the American dream is a whole lot harder to achieve today than it was a generation ago, because inflation, the recession and widening income inequality have made class mobility all but a thing of the past.

And to add to all the weirdness, it’s Steak-umm that’s telling us all this. It’s surreal and strange, and also kind of fitting that all this truth is coming from a frozen beef brand.

And with a bunch of meat-related puns, no less. Sure, we’ll wait while you scroll back up to try to find them.

People (probably mostly millennials) have been cheering Steak-umm on for this, because we could all use a little more truth in this crazy world.

And others are confused that our harbinger of truth is apparently frozen beef.

Is it weird that Steak-umm has dropped the millennial mic in a rant we all needed to hear? Yes, absolutely. But this is 2018, and we know by now that anything can happen. And Steak-umm may not be the hero we want, but it’s sure as hell the hero we deserve.