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Steve Gets REAL About the Blue’s Clues Reboot

December 10, 2019 Updated July 10, 2020

Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues has stopped by to talk to our hosts, Ashley and Keri, of the Scary Mommy Speaks Podcast about his role as the original Blue’s Clues Steve. And they had a LOT of questions. You can catch the new series, Blue’s Clues & You on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. SUBSCRIBE: ScaryMommyTV.

You know him: the green shirt, the khaki pants and of course, Blue. Even if you’ve never watched the cartoon or have kids who do, you’ll know who Steve Burns is. On this episode of Scary Mommy Speaks, Keri and Ashley get to find out how Steve became Steve – well, the Steve we know.

It might surprise you to find out that Steve wasn’t the original name for Blue’s best human pal until Steve Burns came along and nabbed the role. You’ve probably always wondered why Steve never changes his clothing on the show, right? I have. As Burns tells it, Steve of Blue’s Clues was an homage to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood who also had a standard uniform.

Aside from amazing Blue’s Clues trivia, Steve Burns was and is a voice over artist and musician. Burns has created a children’s album and book called, Foreverywhere, which you can search for on Audible.

To hear more about Steve and Steve Burns, listen to the episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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