Steve Kornacki Projecting Thanksgiving Dessert Trends Like A Real Election Is A Mood

by Julie Scagell
Kelly Clarkson Show/Facebook

Steve Kornacki analyzed the most intense election yet: Thanksgiving desserts

Resident MSNBC “chart throb” Steve Kornacki visited The Kelly Clarkson Show to cover something near and dear to most of our hearts — America’s favorite Thanksgiving desserts by state. During the adorable segment, the election statistics expert chatted with the talk show host and took to his giant map to cover the second most important election of our times.

“This Thanksgiving pie election may be too close for Steve Kornacki to call! What dessert are YOU voting for this year?” Clarkson wrote on social, sharing the hilarious video with her followers. Kornacki — in his signature khakis and treating the Thanksgiving desserts race as seriously as he did for the Presidential election — started in the southern states where sweet potato and pecan pies won the day. The sweet potato variety got 74% of the votes in Florida so at least they can make their minds up about something.

The “heavily contested” pumpkin pie swept Pennsylvania and it looked to also be the projected winner in Nevada but with their slow counting, the jury was still out. Also, brownies took the title “in some of those prairie and plain states” according to Kornacki, who did not break once the entire broadcast even with Clarkson laughing hysterically in the background.

“Pumpkin pie is gonna win Pennsylvania, pumpkin pie also got New York. Also Nevada, very slow count in Nevada but it looks like pumpkin pie is going over the top in Nevada,” Kornacki said with absolute seriousness.

YouTube/Kelly Clarkson Show

The longtime journalist who recently made People’s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive issue, talked to the mom-of-two about his election week coverage. “I was in the studio by about 5 a.m. on election day. We went all through the day, all through the night, we were on overnight. I think it was about 50 hours straight at one point,” he said. “I had a couple of naps during the week. It’s such a blur.”

He also admitted he had to have some of his family explain the thousands of “thirst tweets” he received from fans who discovered him during election week. When Clarkson read one tweet in particular that said, “Kornacki has big ‘substitute teacher I had a crush on’ energy,” he pointed out that he actually was a substitute teacher at one point which is so perfectly Kornacki.

His love of the aforementioned khakis even gave a huge boost in sales to Gap in the week following his coverage. He told NBC’s Savannah Sellers, “I’ve got a bunch of them,” referring to the nearly wrinkle-free chinos he donned. Fans of the recently dubbed “Map Daddy” took note, causing trouser sales to spike.

Kornacki wrapped up his Thanksgiving dessert poll by saying it’s likely no single dessert will get to the 270 electoral college votes needed to win outright, which is ridiculous because everyone knows pecan pie is the star of any Thanksgiving table. Please let this man stay on TV forever.