Can Trolls STFU About Demi Lovato's Body Already?

by Lindsay Wolf
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I was mindlessly perusing Instagram today, sitting on the toilet, when what to my wandering eyes should appear but Demi Lovato walking arm-in-arm with her new love. The Entertainment Tonight post of them includes a simple caption which reads, “We are sorry not sorry for how cute new couple Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson look on their hike.”

And I was all like, yeah ET, they do look fucking cute as HELL.

I was about to get a move on with my day, but then the comments section stopped me in my tracks.

All around the world, randos on the internet decided to chime in about the state of Lovato’s body. And while I want to keep things respectful here, those goddamn internet bullies make me want to stick all of ‘em in that scary black hole NASA just discovered.

I love a good reason to get pissy at body shamers. And now that I’m fat and proud, it’s about to get a whole lot louder as I call them out.

You are not worthy of Demi’s time or attention, but I’m here to break it down for you.

I wish I had enough time to make an example out of every single hater on this post, but that would take me years. I’ll just narrow it down to the top five most ridiculous responses. And don’t worry, I’ve corrected all of the grammar mistakes in these comments, because I’m super classy.

One guy dramatically lamented, “Won’t Demi ever be slim like she used to be?”

And to him, I say, “Who the fuck asked YOU?”

This next dude types, “Cute? What’s cute about that? One looks like a drug addict and the second like a barrel of wine.”

That mean comment is worse than any stupid joke my old ass dad has ever made.

And then this class clown decided to knock on both Lovato’s choice in romantic partners – which is none of his fucking business, BTW – and Lovato’s figure. He said, “She has the best choices on boyfriends… and she need to cut out the fried chicken too.”

Okay, fine, I didn’t grammar check that one because it was too good not to leave as is. What a complete shithead.

Then we have, “On the way to the King’s buffet.”

I mean, if they are indeed on their way to a buffet, can I please join them? I’m super hungry.

And last, but certainly not least, this one reads, “Did she gain weight? I’m fine with it, just wondering.”

Oh great. I’m so happy you just gave Lovato your completely unnecessary blessing to do whatever the FUCK she wants with her own body. I’m sure she appreciates that.

For what it’s worth, this is just the tip of the shaming iceberg that’s sitting under Lovato and Wilson’s image. People felt so emboldened to hate on the happy couple that they also took jabs at Lovato’s drug addiction recovery and how “old” they felt she looked compared to him.

But my personal favorite is how aggressively so many of these cyber stalkers criticized Wilson for having tattoos.


The sheer lack of emotional intelligence here just floors me. With one quick google search, you can easily find a fuck ton about the adversities Lovato has recently faced. Not only did she suffer from an eating disorder, but she also battled depression, engaged in self-harm, and was bullied before entering rehab at the age of 18. This resilient young woman has overcome so much, and recently opened up about her recovery. Not to mention, she’s just begun to shower her fan base with much needed body acceptance inspiration, going so far as to post unedited selfies that showcase her natural AF cellulite and shutting down body shaming advertisements on social media.

She is strong, bold and amazing. Period.

And celeb or not, Lovato is just a human being doing her best to take care of herself in the way that works for her.

And none of that is up for any of our debate. No matter how much someone wishes it was.

Just because she’s a celebrity does not invite unsolicited comments about her body.

Having survived an eating disorder, a crippling addiction to diet pills, and borderline body dysmorphia, I can assure you that making unsolicited comments of ridicule about someone’s body has the power to destroy the inner livelihood of a person’s mind and spirit. Especially if that young person grew up in shame and fear, and/or has a history of battling depression and anxiety.

So, no, random, insecure, mean-spirited assholes on the internet – your ignorant questions and wholly inaccurate comments about Demi Lovato’s body are not welcome here. Your hateful words are one of the major reasons young women have disordered eating, body image struggles, and low self-esteem. It’s a cultural epidemic and you have contributed nothing positive to the world today with your heartless responses.

And to Demi Lovato – you are goddamn perfection exactly as you are. Now go on and live your best life with your tattoo-lovin’ sweetheart.

And please invite me to the buffet, if that’s really where you are headed.

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