Help Me Stop Sibling Bickering!

by Deborah Gilboa, Family Physician
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If you have more than one kid, you have sibling bickering. Heck, I’m an only child and I searched for people to bicker with as a kid. Friends, cousins, neighbors… So I’ll change that to: If you have more than one kid in your home ever you will experience kids bickering. It’s a huge part of their communication. And it used to drive me bonkers.

Competition is a natural urge of the human animal, and bickering is what follows that. As the mom of 4 boys, I have even heard: “Oh yeah? Well I can pee straighter than you!” Competition can actually be great for children, because it teaches them self-respect and resilience. Bickering, arguing, and in general being bratty towards a sibling? Doesn’t teach much of anything that’s good for kids. And you don’t have to live with it anymore! What, what?! Sibling bickering can be stopped? Yes! And not only with liberal application of duct tape and ear plugs. There is a simple way to figure out if bickering is bothering your kid(s), or if it’s only bothering you. From there, I have solutions for each. So go forth and be driven bananas no more!

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