Stormi Crashed Travis Scott's Instagram Live And It Was Adorable

by Gina Vaynshteyn
Stormi Adorably Crashes Travis Scott's Instagram Live
Travis Scott/Instagram

While trying to promote his new song, Travis Scott’s toddler daughter Stormi interrupted the Instagram Live, which thousands of people were watching

It’s true that the COVID-19 crisis has completely changed life as we know it. Everything from grocery shopping to holding meetings for work looks different, and even celebs are also having to adjust. Take rapper and Kylie Jenner’s ex Travis Scott for example. While trying to promote his new song on Instagram Live, his daughter Stormi stormed in (sorry not sorry) on the solo party, demanding some of Scott’s attention. And it was possibly the cutest thing we’ve seen all month.

It’s no surprise that 2-year-old Stormi is already an Instagram natural — she is Jenner’s daughter after all. In the clip, we see Scott trying to find a way to entertain Stormi after letting her say “hi” to his fans. “You see Daddy?” Scott asks Stormi, who probably watched him virtually perform a new song in the video game Fortnite on Thursday night with Kid Cudi. “Wanna play, baby?” Scott asks her, and gives her a toy off-screen. “I don’t want it,” she says, because of course she doesn’t. She’s a toddler! Scott puts on a movie, and mid-sentence Stormi interrupts him again and tells him she doesn’t want to watch this movie. “I’ll be back; gotta put on a movie. See you later,” Travis says to the thousands of fans who were watching (and loving) the whole thing, and ends the video.


And if you’re wondering where Jenner is, she’s probably close by. Jenner, Scott, and Stormi have reportedly been in quarantine together in Palm Springs with momager Kris Jenner. It does make me wonder if there’s something more than just co-parenting between Scott and Jenner, but that’s none of our business. The most important thing is that they’re being the best possible parents to Stormi and hanging out together so they can both be there for her.


It’s obvious both Jenner and Scott are massively in love with their daughter and put her first above all else. It’s also just extra heart-warming to see Scott so involved, especially since he’s been extra busy with the success of his latest album Astroworld. In February, a source told Us Weekly that Scott is a “very hands-on dad and engaged. He spoils his daughter rotten and absolutely loves her to death and would do anything to make her life the best that it can be.”


While it’s uncertain when life will go back to the way it was, for now, we just have to adjust to the circumstances. And that means learning ways to coexist with our new coworkers (our kids) on a daily basis. Toddlers and dogs and spouses crashing Zoom calls is no longer a faux pas, but just a fact of life. Remember when that BBC correspondent’s interview was interrupted by his two young children and the internet went wild in 2017? Doesn’t seem so crazy anymore, does it?

When we see celebrity kids crashing their parents’ videos on Instagram, it feels less like blooper and more of just a slice of this new life. It’s still mega adorable, though.