‘Big Nate’ On Paramount+ Is About to Be Your Family’s New Favorite Show

Big Nate

Do you ever feel an overwhelming need to share your awesomeness with the world? Maybe you have a chronic case of needing to say “I told you so” every time you’re proven right. Perhaps your desktop is home to a little file full of screenshots of all the times someone has messaged you some praise at work, similar to how the refrigerator is used to display your kid’s best report card. You might just really commit to making sure you share all of your best outfits to your Instagram Story. Whatever the case, you’re definitely not alone. If you’ve ever felt like you’re kind of a big deal, Big Nate gets you.

Based on the incredibly popular books, Big Nate is an upcoming series on Paramount+, and you and your family are going to be totally obsessed with it. The show has everything your little ones need to stay laughing throughout the whole episode: Think hijinks, witty punchlines, and highly exaggerated bodily functions that would probably make you pass out if it wasn’t an animated show. (No, seriously. Check out the projectile vomit in the trailer, below. It’s funny… but if it was live action, it would be fit for a horror movie.)

Although the protagonist is a sixth grader, he might just be one of the most relatable animated characters you’ve ever seen. Nate Wright is charming, mischievous, and a magnet for misadventure. When junior high gets a little rough, he gets creative and expresses himself through the world of cartoons. While his struggles might not completely mirror yours (let’s all hope there aren’t any sixth graders who find themselves microwaving their coffee at 2 p.m. because they haven’t had a sip of it yet), his commitment to digging himself out of disaster is far too real. In Nate’s own words, he just wants to make middle school “not awful.”

This exciting new series will provide your family with endless hours of laughter, and there’s a good chance that your kids will be ready to break out their best art supplies once the credits start rolling to create some cartoons of their own. Big Nate is available to stream on Paramount+ on February 17, so this is a pretty stellar time to subscribe if you haven’t already!