Holiday Stress: How To Rub It Away

Holiday Stress: How To Rub It Away
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You know that masturbation is normal but did you know that masturbation has many health benefits?From releasing sexual tension to relieving stress, masturbation is great for self-care and we say heck yeah! Subscribe to Scary Mommy on YouTube to watch more Madge The Vag.

Recently, Madge the Vag sat down with sex therapist Dr. Madeline Castellanos to find out more about masturbation and how vibrators can be a useful tool for self-discovery. In this interview, Dr. Castellanos explains that masturbation increases blood flow and oxygenation to the vital organs which can help prevent illness. Because who likes getting a cold?

In addition, “the stress hormone” cortisol, decreases and your hormones become balanced which eases stress. During orgasm, oxytocin and prolactin are released which decreases anxiety and promotes sleep. Less stress, less anxiety and more sleep? We’re ready for some alone time.

The doctor suggests making masturbation part of your weekly routine. But what if we don’t have enough time to rub the stress away? Dr. Castellanos suggests using a vibrator to help women and partners learn more about their bodies and reach orgasm more quickly. Be right back, we need to take a minute for ourselves.

More about Madge the Vag: Madge the Vag is a quirky mom on a mission to spread (literally) the word on everything vagina. She may have a 1950s wardrobe, but approaches women’s vaginal health in a refreshing way that is very today. Madge highlights a taboo topic or challenging issue many women face but may be afraid to talk about. She interviews experts on a range of topics like public hair, yeast infections and sex.

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