From The Confessional: I Hate Being Stuck At Home With My Family

by Cassandra Stone

These parents are sharing how they REALLY feel about being stuck at home with their kids and spouses

Being safe and healthy at home is absolutely something to feel grateful for — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Suddenly, so many of us found our daily routines and lives completely upended due to the coronavirus pandemic. We’re working from home with our spouses, we’re raising our kids without childcare at the same time, we’re suddenly expected to be in-home teachers — all without losing our minds, right?


Our confessional is full of admissions from moms and dads who are riding the Self-Isolation Struggle Bus for the last few weeks. Raise your hand if you can relate!

You can love your kids and absolutely feel like you’re going crazy being stuck inside with them at the same time. They need a little grace for the major changes they’ve been forced to experience, yes. But don’t forget — you need a little grace, too.

Confessional #25772983

I could never be a stay at home mom. Social distancing for about a week now and I’m already losing it. And I only have 1 toddler.

Confessional #25772643

I’m not going to fucking make it trying to homeschool a kid who refuses to do work while also trying to do my job. I’m lucky I have a job I can do at home but my anxiety and depression are off the charts.

Though the kids are only part of the battle, right? Suddenly we’re now spending nine or more hours per day with our spouses and partners than we’re typically accustomed to. Which is…also stressful.

Confessional #25773778

Now that we are in “stay at home” mode, I am extra thankful my husband left me last year.

Confessional #25773844

WAHW. Being stuck at home w/H has made me hyperaware of how stifling and unfulfilling life with him really is. He refuses to learn basic life skills and must have everything his way. What am I getting out of this marriage? He’s a burden, not a partner.

Confessional #25773481

Been married for 15 years, feel like I’m just getting to know my husband over the last few weeks being at home. He’s never been very sensitive to me or the kids, but I am realizing he has no ability or desire to understand other people.

Many people confessed that this self-isolation period has highlighted the gender disparities in their relationships. Surprise! Women/mothers are disproportionately affected by this, regardless of the fact that just as many moms are now holding down their full-time jobs at home.

Confessional #25774994

My husband only puts away one thing ——— an empty ice cube tray.

Confessional #25774978

Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP. I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT JUST SHUT UP!!! So sick of my kids and my husband talking AT me. You’re not talking TO me. You don’t care if I’m engaged in the conversation. You’re just talking AT me. SHUT UP.

If this homeschooling thing doesn’t make you want to throw all the money in the world at teachers, we don’t know what will.

Confessional #25772293

I am going to have to rethink this “lax on screen time ” school at home business. DS6 is getting Soooooo whiny. Omg!

There’s never been a better time to narrow down and hone in on our own coping skills, amiright?

Confessional #25773207

!#$#^& Damn Quarantined. Stuck at home with my loser husband is torture!!!!

In case anyone out there was wondering why we get so mad when we see people not practicing socially distancing the proper way — well, this is why. WE WON’T MAKE IT IF THIS LASTS FOR MONTHS ON END.