Student Denied School Bus Ride Home Because Of Her Outfit

by Thea Glassman
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Image via India Middleton/Facebook

A student allegedly wasn’t allowed to go home because of the outfit she was wearing

Get ready to experience a hot fit of outrage. A 16-year-old student allegedly wasn’t allowed to take the school bus home because her shirt was deemed “inappropriate” — and then was just left alone, stuck on campus, until her mom picked her up. There are literally no words.

India Middleton took to Facebook to tell her daughter’s story in a post that has since been shared more than 5,000 times.

“Okay sooo super pissed at Hoke County High school,” she began. “My child was not allowed to ride the bus home today because administration said her shirt was inappropriate.”

Middleton went on to explain that she spoke to a school administrator at 5pm and — after a “verbal exchange” — the man allegedly hung up on her. When she arrived at the high school at 5:45pm she found her daughter sitting alone, in front of a locked building. HOW could you ever just leave a child alone like that? In what world is her shirt inappropriate? How cruel do you have to be to not let a kid take the bus home? So, so many furious questions right now.

“She was sitting outside the main office in 50 degree weather with no administrator to be found,” Middleton noted. “I feel that if my child is not allowed to ride the bus because of inappropriate clothing why would she be allowed to remain on campus for an hour and forty five minutes past the incident? Also could this not have been addressed by in school suspension Monday? And I truly believe that the administrators should have to stay and make sure the children they take off the bus get home safely.”

Yup, yup, yup. Agreed on all counts. Meanwhile, pretty much nothing has happened to rectify the situation, according to Middleton.

“I received an apology from the principal however nothing personally from the school board,” Middleton told Scary Mommy. “I am in talks with an organization that is walking us through our options. The administrator involved to my knowledge has not received any disciplinary action for this unfortunate situation.”

Thankfully, Middleton is getting plenty of support online from a very outraged, concerned public. “I never in a million years though my post would become so widespread,” she said. “It gives me hope that parents understand and school officials will see this story and take this issue seriously.”

Here’s hoping this situation is solved swiftly and someone’s held accountable.

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