You Can Buy A Succulent Tree For The Holidays This Year

Mini Succulent Christmas Trees Are The New Poinsettias


These gorgeous succulent trees will be your new favorite thing

Succulents have become all the rage in the past few years. What’s not to like? They’re adorable, come in all kids of shapes and sizes, and they’re nearly impossible to kill. Now, people are getting even more creative with these little plants by turning them into Christmas trees.

It’s time for a new way of decking the halls, and you’re gonna want one for every room of your house. Look no further than Etsy if you want to get some inspiration to DIY or to purchase them already made.

Etsy shop owner Terracotta Corner FL is selling gorgeous trees that will immediately put you in the holiday spirit. “The Aurora Succulent Tree is adorned with nearly 25 gorgeous Echeverias,” they say on their page. “Simply spray the tree lightly with water every 10 – 14 days to keep the succulents alive for many months.” Even I can’t kill someone that only needs water every week-and-a-half. The trees sell for around $130.


Rileys Oasis also sell gorgeous potted succulent trees that put the “fa” into fa-la-la. The small trees are around six-to-seven-inches (plus four-inch pot) and the large is around nine to ten-inches tall. Adorning the succulents are silver, white, and red “bulbs” and little lights so you can nix the actual Christmas tree in lieu of this gorgeous plant. Pricing is around $195 plus shipping.


Buffalo Hills is another perfect choice, especially if you can’t commit to watering your tree every week or so (no judgement here), because they sell or faux trees. They come in five sizes and are grown right on their family farm. These also come with lights and a star on top and would make the perfect centerpiece for your holiday dinner. Make sure you order quick, they have a six-week production window because of demand and pricing ranges from $100 up to $585 depending on size.


If you need someone fake and on the cheaper side this year, please take a moment to appreciate these felt cactus plants donning a Christmas stocking from The Cactus Garden Shop. I dare you not to smile. These will only set you back $16 plus shipping and you can even hang them on your tree.


There are a ton of succulent tree ideas on Instagram as well. This one you can purchase here and they have a ton of options available. Can we please take a moment to collectively admire its beauty?

Or there’s made-to-order trees available from Wild Type Flora on Instagram. They are only available until end of November, so just message them for availability and pricing.

Succulent trees are a welcome change from the standard poinsettias or even tasking yourself with finding a Christmas tree this year. It’s 2020, nothing has been typical or felt remotely normal, so why not buy a tree to match?