Target Has A New Facebook Group That You Need To Join ASAP

by Rachel Garlinghouse
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Matthew Henry/Burst and Target

I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and avoiding adulting when a suggested group caught my eye. All I had to read was one word — Target — and I was intrigued. The magical unicorn palace where I get all the things—from coffee to candles to Dollar Spot goodies—might have its very own virtual mothership? Was this for real?

I promptly tapped to discover a closed Facebook group endearingly called Target Fam. Squeal! And get this. It’s 100% legit. Target is the admin, and over 14,000 people are already in.

Here’s the good news: you can be in, too! The group is accessible to anyone who requests to join—as long as you can follow some basic grown-up rules like don’t be a jerk or advertise your business.

I know it’s cliché, but Target is my love language. Having a bad day? Go to Target. Need something last minute? Target drive-up or pick-up is here to save the day. Feeling like redecorating your living room? Target has rugs, throw pillows, wall art, and curtains.

Everything Target is like a giant hug. I feel warm, fuzzy, and giddy just seeing that red bullseye.

(And this is NOT an ad, even though it may seem like it because I am schmoopy for Target.)

Last week alone, I used Target drive-up three times. Once when my toddler was sick and we needed more children’s pain reliever. Then the very next morning, when stuck at home with said toddler, I realize we had zero—yes, zero—coffee filters in the house. I consider this a true emergency. So we throw on some shoes and score those precious filters while wearing our pjs and listening to Lizzo. Then the next day, I see that there’s a $10 gift card promo if I buy two boxes of our favorite diapers—so off to drive-up we go.

Yes, it’s dangerous for our bank account that we live five minutes from a Target. And our store has a brand-new Starbucks café that lures me with their caffeinated happy vibes every time I breeze in to get “just a few things.” But I’m saving money by shopping at Target, right?

So this Target Facebook group? Genius. Absolute genius. Because if you’re not in the store, ordering online—because two-day shipping is magic, or sitting in the drive-up space, you can chat about all-things-Target with like-minded fans. And the best part? You can be in-the-know about all the best deals while sitting on your rear and sipping your favorite wine. Or avoiding work. Or parenting.

Intrigued? You should be. The Target Fam group is my absolute favorite part of social media right now.

Here’s what’s commonly posted:

Parenting Conundrums

We all face parenting challenges—and crowdsourcing is a great way to get solutions. Why isn’t your baby sleeping through the night? How can you clapback at your mother-in-law when she makes another passive aggressive comment about you breastfeeding your toddler? What’s a good birthday party theme for boy-girl twins?

Gift Suggestions

Right now there are a lot of posts about the upcoming holiday season. What are the best toys for three-year-olds? What can you buy your tween for Christmas? What are the best stocking stuffers for middle-school-age boys?


One of the best parts of shopping at Target is getting in on a great deal. What’s excluded from the Red Card discount? Does Target price match? What Cyber Monday deals is everyone hoping to find?


Cosmetic talk is one of the favorite topics. What are the best natural makeup products? What are the hottest lip shades for fall? Is there a mascara that is truly waterproof but not impossible to remove at night?

Product Suggestions

Since Target carries every product we could ever need or want, product suggestions are a big part of the Facebook community. What’s the best lightweight stroller? Are the store-brand diapers just as good as the other brands? What are everyone’s preschoolers’ favorite healthy snacks? Which bottled iced coffee tastes the best? Have you seen the matching holiday family pjs?


My absolute favorite posts are the ones that include personal photos. Which outfits coordinate best together for family portraits? Anyone else tell their partner that they are grabbing toilet paper and milk when they’re really just escaping to Target for the latte-sipping and candle-sniffing? Look at this rug I found on clearance! Even better are the moms who are meeting up for an unapologetic Ladies Night Out—complete with selfies and shenanigans.

With so many moms expressing their loneliness and yearning for a village, the Target Fam Facebook group was started just in time. Though there’s nothing like face-to-face, human connection, some days getting out of the house is impossible. With winter—and loads of sick days—coming, the group is great way to connect with other parents and chat about parenting and deal-finding.

There’s plenty of negativity and drama on social media—so much so that many of my mommy friends have deleted some of their apps altogether. Don’t give up! Target Fam is bringing back some serious joy and amusement.

Now if you’ll please excuse me. I have some posting to do.

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